52 Best Travel Blogs and Bloggers To Follow (2020)

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  • October 14, 2020
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Travel Bloggers

If you’re searching for the best Travel Bloggers today, look no further.


As always, I created this list to help aspiring travel bloggers learn a thing or two from these established sites. However, people who are only looking for ideas and tips will also enjoy this post.

let’s take a look at the top Travel Bloggers to follow in 2020.

  • 1. Nomadic Matt
  • 2. Backpacking Matt
  • 3. Adventurous Kate
  • 4. The Blonde Abroad
  • 5. California Through My Lens
  • 6. Dan Flying Solo
  • 7. Travel With Lakshmi
  • 8. foXnoMad
  • 9. Fluent in 3 Months
  • 10. Cheapest Destinations Blog
  • 11. Alex in Wanderland
  • 12. Hey Nadine
  • 13. I Am Aileen
  • 14. Wandering Earl
  • 15. Be My Travel Muse
  • 16. Followtheboat
  • 17. Matthew Woodward
  • 18. The Opposite Travellers
  • 19. No Particular Place to Go
  • 20. Bucket List Journey
  • 21. Migrationology
  • 22. The Cranky Flier
  • 23. Never Ending Footsteps
  • 24. A Dangerous Business
  • 25. Against The Compass
  • 26. Everything Everywhere
  • 27. The Longest Way Home
  • 28. Global Grasshopper
  • 29. Girl Gone Travel
  • 30. HoneyTrek
  • 31. Oneika The Traveller
  • 32. The Adventurists
  • 33. Time Travel Turtle
  • 34. Hand Luggage Only
  • 35. Travel4Wildlife
  • 36. The Insatiable Traveler
  • 37. View From The Wing
  • 38. Uncornered Market
  • 39. Jessie On a Journey
  • 40. Legal Nomads
  • 41. Indiana Jo
  • 42. TravelFreak
  • 43. The Everywhereist
  • 44. Keep Calm and Travel
  • 45. Practical Wanderlust
  • 46. Expert Vagabond
  • 47. The Voyageur
  • 48. Amateur Traveler
  • 49. Girl Eat World
  • 50. The Adventure Junkies
  • 51. A Broken Backpack
  • 52. Life Part 2

1. Nomadic Matt

By: Matthew Kepnes

I have to be honest with you — I love everything about Nomadic Matt.

Everything from his website’s design to his personal writing voice makes for an engaging reading experience. however the Not to mention that the name “Nomadic Matt” really sticks with me.

Matthew Kepnes, AKA Nomadic Matt, was once a cubicle worker who admittedly wasn’t always a big traveler. On his first trip back in 2004, he went to Costa Rica where his perspective in life transformed forever.

A single trip — that’s how easy it is to fall in love with travel. 

Today, Matthew continues living the life he was born for. He primarily blogs about travel tips, encompassing topics like how to save for a trip and things to do in Singapore.

2. Backpacking Matt

By: Matt Kyhnn

I think there’s something about the name “Matt” that raises a person’s affinity for traveling.

Backpacking Matt, owned and run by Matt Kyhnn, is a travel blog that has similar vibes with Nomadic Matt. It has a simplistic design, a memorable content tone, and striking travel photos that bring the blog’s stories to life.

Matt Kyhnn also leverages videos — providing his audience a more immersive way to enjoy his content.

Fresh out of college, Matt simply decided that he won’t settle for a 9-5 job. Instead, he spent months working and traveling across Ireland, Scotland, and other regions in mainland Europe.

He then booked a one-way ticket to New Zealand where he now resides. In addition to his blog, Matt also runs his own travel planning and booking website — Planit NZ.

3. Adventurous Kate

By: Kate McCulley

Kate McCulley, AKA Adventurous Kate, is a travel blogger with lots of adventures to tell.

She’s been to 83 countries, seven continents, and plenty of experiences to help women appreciate the traveling life.

Kate’s blog was built during her time in Southeast Asia along with her freelance portfolio, which helped fund her travels. Her target audience is women who want to travel, but required guidance on how to do it safely and easily.

The “Solo Female Travel” category on her blog consists of posts about travel safety, travel planning, destination guides, and more. She also compiled a list of travel resources that help turn her audience’s travel ideas into action plans.

4. The Blonde Abroad

By: Kiersten “Kiki” Rich

I covered Kiersten “Kiki” Rich of The Blonde Abroad in my list of the top lifestyle bloggers in 2020.

As her blog’s name suggests, she’s mainly a travel blogger who also discusses two other lifestyle-related topics — blogging and photography.

Kiersten spent three, eye-opening months in multiple countries to re-envision the idea of “success.” She succeeded in her goal and is now one of the most accomplished travel bloggers on the web.

The Blonde Abroad covers a range of topics from travel photography to foreign cuisine. All of which draws wisdom from Kiersten’s personal travel experiences.

5. California Through My Lens

By: Josh McNair

Josh McNair, owner of California Through My Lens, has a distinct writing style that vividly describes details of travel destinations.

Unlike bloggers who discovered the love for travel in their adulthood, Josh has always been a passionate traveler at heart. He created California Through My Lens to document his adventures with the online audience.

California Through My Lens is run by both Josh and his wife, Amy. The pair also has an active YouTube channel called Through My Lens where they share their experiences in video form.

As you may have guessed, Josh’s content focuses on the beaches, caves, hiking trails, waterfalls, and various landmarks in California. Intricate details of each location, from hike distances to specific travel tips, are often included in his posts.

6. Dan Flying Solo

By: Daniel “Dan” Clarke

Dan Flying Solo is by Daniel Clarke — a travel blogger, photographer, and creative director at his own Portugal-based media company.

However Dan’s blogging life was ignited by his passion for photography. He was originally a frustrated restaurant manager who wanted more out of life.

Like me, Dan is a self-taught blogger. He worked day in and day out by doing free online courses, YouTube tutorials, and heaps of informative guides.

What makes Dan Flying Solo an extra noteworthy blog is its library of video content. Daniel also makes it clear that the site has no particular theme — not unlike everything else in life.

There’s not one particular theme to this blog because I don’t think that’s how life really is. We change and what we enjoy changes.”

7. Travel with Lakshmi

By: Lakshmi Sharath

Lakshmi Sharath worked on a desk job for multiple media organizations for 15 years. She then started her personal travel blog in 2005 — traveling to over 25 countries and across every corner of India.

Travel with Lakshmi has only grown steadily ever since. It won multiple awards, including “India’s best travel blog of the year” award from Indiebloggie.

However As an Indian herself, Lakshmi made sure to highlight the country’s top travel destinations on the blog. She also documented her travels to foreign countries — from Abu Dhabi to the United Kingdom.

As a way to support aspiring travelers around the world, Lakshmi also covers important tips on starting a travel blog. This includes essential tips on photography, travel planning, and travel writing.

8. foXnoMad

By: Anil Polat

foXnoMad is a unique travel blog run by digital nomad Anil Polat.

Anil was exposed to travel at a young age because his parents were journalists. Other than routine trips between Turkey and the United States, they also visited multiple destinations around the world.

Even in his professional life as a computer security consultant, travel was a big part of Anil’s life. He eventually decided to quit his job and fixate on one goal: to visit every country in the world.

What makes foXnoMad unique is that Anil utilizes his knowledge in tech to provide insightful tips on traveling smartly. He also develops apps that can help travelers in situations like determining water drinkability and calculating tips.

You can check out his podcast where he talks about current events, new product tech releases, and all things travel-related.

9. Fluent in 3 Months

By: Brendan “Benny” Lewis

Fluent in 3 Months by Brendan Lewis is created for travelers with a purpose.

Apart from regular posts about travel planning and destinations, Brendan also writes a lot of guides on foreign languages.

Remember, language is a crucial part of every culture. Brendan makes sure you learn dozens of useful words and phrases that will enrich your visit to any country.

Some of the most prominent content formats in his blog are “ways to say” posts and phrase listicles. There are also fun, bite-sized stories like “How I Learned French on the Toilet in 6 Months.”

For more serious language learners, Fluent in 3 Months offers “The Challenge.” It’s a full-fledged online course that will enable you to hold a 15-minute conversation in a new language.

10. Cheapest Destinations Blog

By: Tim Leffel

Cheapest Destinations Blog is one of the oldest travel blogs on this list.

It is created and run by Tim Leffel — an award-winning travel writer and author.

Tim has made it his life’s goal to help people make the most out of travel while spending less. His blog contains posts that teach how to spend your travel money wisely and how to make every cent count.

Other than Cheapest Destinations Blog, Tim also runs a handful of other blogs on different, travel-related topics. This includes Perceptive Travel, and Travel Writing 2.0 Blog, and Cheap Living Abroad.

11. Alex in Wanderland

By: Alexandra Baackes

Alexandra Baackes created Alex in Wanderland for two reasons.

First, she’s been dealing with a case of wanderlust all her life. And second, she’s a fan of a beloved, fictional character — Alice in Wonderland.

currently Alexandra is originally from Brooklyn, New York where she purchased her one-way ticket into the traveling life. She now blogs about the best travel destinations, outdoor activities, and her personal, travel-related gear.

One of the things I like about Alex in Wanderland is the presentation and categorization of content.

On the “Categories” page, Alex makes sure articles are well-organized based on topics like travel inspiration, activities, and planning. This makes it easy for her audience to find the information they need at any given time.

12. Hey Nadine

By: Nadine Sykora

Nadine Sykora of Hey Nadine is a popular travel blogger, YouTuber, and social media influencer.

Over the past 10 years, she has traveled across 55 countries, spoken on expert panels, and became a keynote speaker.

meanwhile Nadine’s goal is simple: share her travel experiences with the world and help others do the same.

Hey Nadine contains a host of content on travel advice, hacks, destinations, and inspiration. As a seasoned YouTuber, you can expect her blog content to contain a lot of embedded videos from her channel.

13. I Am Aileen

Just like Kiersten Rich, Aileen Adalid is another travel blogger whom I also featured in my top lifestyle blogs listicle.

Aileen runs I Am Aileen — an award-winning blog that discusses just about everything there is to discuss in travel. She writes about destinations, the best travel activities, foreign cuisine, and more.

What interested me the most about Aileen is her blogging background. At age 21, she quit her corporate job, which only paid $300 a month, to become a professional traveler.

Since then, she’s been on a streak of smashing goals and breaking barriers. Thanks to her commitment to quality content, she’s recognized as one of the top bloggers in Asia.

14. Wandering Earl

By: Derek Earl Baron

Here’s a fun trivia about Wandering Earl.

Unlike most bloggers who use their first names, the “Earl” in “Wandering Earl” is actually a middle name. Blog owner Derek Earl Baron only thought that “Wandering Derek” didn’t sound as catchy.

Derek is a one-of-a-kind, adventurous soul who discovered his purpose as a modern nomad relatively early into adulthood. After graduating in 1999, he planned a three-month vacation across Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

That three-month vacation continues to this very day.

And that’s how Wandering Earl was created — documenting Derek’s adventures in over 100 countries. He also shares valuable pieces of wisdom on travel planning, food, budgeting, gear, and so on.

Wandering Earl has that “old-school” look and feel to it. On the plus side, the site’s design only highlights

15. Be My Travel Muse

By: Kristin Addis

Be My Travel Muse is a solo female travel blog created by Kristin Addis.

She studied in Taiwan and kept an investment banking job for four years. The only problem was, her daily routine rendered her creative, dreamer side claustrophobic.

Her first step was a one-way ticket to Bangkok — envisioning a life of writing and travel. That’s exactly what she accomplished with her blog, which now caters to millions of readers all over the world.

Kristin believes that solo traveling is the best way for women to feel empowered and more confident. She prioritizes solo female travel tips on her blog, including guides on safety, packing, and maintaining relationships.

currently, Be My Travel Muse also has heaps of content on popular travel destinations and self-care for women.

16. Followtheboat

By: Liz Cleere and Jamie Furlong

Followtheboat is a unique travel blog that focuses on a specific mode of transport: sailing.

It is created with love by a travel writer Liz Cleere and photographer Jamie Furlong. There’s also Millie the rescue cat, which functions as a source of inspiration and encouragement for the blog’s human founders.

Despite the focus on sailboats, Followtheboat’s content isn’t just made for sailors. The posts are tailor-made for travelers who also happen to be interested in the art and joys of sailing.

Don’t be surprised at the humor and dynamic range of topics on the blog. You’ll find posts like “tools you need on a sailboat” and “is this the weirdest loo in the world?”

currently, Followtheboat also has a library of podcasts, which record Liz and Jamie’s experiences on their travels.

17. Matthew Woodward

By: Matthew Woodward

If Followtheboat is about boats, you can probably guess what Matthew Woodward is a blog about trains.

Not to be mistaken for Matthew Woodward the internet marketer, Matthew Woodward the rail adventurer loved trains as a child. He owned model railway sets, traveled alone by train, and watched shows about trains on TV.

In his time as a geography student, he explored Europe with his trusty Interrail pass. He set his passion aside to focus on his career, which he eventually gave up to become a travel writer.

Today, he blogs about railway systems over different continents. He’s also an accomplished author of three books: “The Railway to Heaven,” “A Bridge Even Further,” and “Trans-Siberian Adventures.”

18. The Opposite Travellers

By: Ryan and Rachel Riel

The Opposite Travellers were created by married couple Ryan and Rachel Riel.

While both loved to travel, Ryan and Rachel had contrasting preferences when it comes to traveling.

Rachel prefers to travel in style and luxury — through the accommodations and services offered by establishments and travel agencies. Ryan, on the other hand, leans toward daring adventures like biking and trekking — on $5 per night accommodations.

The couple, however, utilized their differences as a selling point in The Opposite Travellers.

As such, the website’s “Travel” section has two main categories: “Luxury Travel” and “Adventure Travel.” In other words, the blog has a diverse content library for travelers of all tastes and budgets.

The Opposite Travellers also boasts high-quality visuals taken and produced by Ryan Riel. All of the site’s videos are published on Ryan Riel Media — Ryan’s official YouTube channel.

19. No Particular Place to Go

By: Anita Oliver and Richard Nash

The next blog proves that you can never be too late to follow your passion.

No Particular Place to Go is a travel blog created by Anita Oliver and Richard Nash. Both of them planned to retire in Padre Island — happily in their waterfront home.

After his early retirement, Richard kept himself busy with volunteer work and beachcombing. Meanwhile, Anita kept her job as a hospital pharmacist.

Life was good for a while, but the couple eventually decided that they want and deserve more. That’s when the pair decided to travel with nothing set in stone.

In 2012, Anita and Richard left for Mexico with two suitcases, two cameras, and two laptops. Today, they own one of the most wholesome and genuine travel blogs online.

There are no ads, sponsored posts, or affiliate products on the site. There’s only content made by two people who really fell in love with traveling.

20. Bucket List Journey

By: Annette White

Travel is all about adventures, and so is life.

That’s the essence of the Bucket List Journey by Annette White.

The blog’s tagline is “tools and inspiration to live your list.” It refers to a person’s “bucket list,” which is basically a list of goals and experiences they want in life.

Annette didn’t always have such a positive outlook in life. She used to be diagnosed with anxiety, which caused her to miss out on life-enriching experiences and opportunities.

Eventually, she decided that she’ll no longer become a prisoner of fear and uncertainty. She had courage and took charge of her life’s direction — something every aspiring blogger needs to do at one point.

Bucket List Journey talks about bucket list-worthy destinations, motivation, money, and travel tips. Annette also imparts knowledge on people who also struggle with facing fear and making braver life decisions.

21. Migrationology

By: Mark Wiens

When I first visited Migrationology, I wasn’t sure whether to classify it as a food or travel blog.

Then I checked out Mark Wiens’s “About” page. There, I learned that he viewed food as a way to connect with people in various cultures.

And to be exposed to these cultures, Mark dedicates his time, money, and efforts to travel.

Mark makes sure the blog only focuses on content based on his personal travels. It’s made for people who want to experience the flavors of the world — in person or through Mark’s posts.

Apart from general food travel blog posts and city guides, Migrationology also offers readers a “Food Tour” service. It is the result of a year of research done by Mark himself — in partnership with Bangkok Vanguards.

22. The Cranky Flier

By: Brett Snyder

We already mentioned a blog about boats and another about trains. It’s time to talk about a blog on airplanes and air travel.

Cranky Flier is a unique blog created by Brett Snyder — President and “Chief Airline Dork” of Cranky Flier LLC.

Brett has been fascinated with airlines all his life. When he was young, he collected airline timetables and even spent a birthday with his grandmother watching planes land.

As an adult, he spent several years in the airline industry fulfilling multiple roles. He became a sales intern at USAir, senior analyst at America West, marketing planning product at United, and so on.

Today, Brett publishes his opinions about the airline industry on Cranky Flier. He also updates several series, like “Worst Airline Ever,” “Airlines We Lost,” and “Across the Aisle Interviews.”

I’ll let you determine what these series are all about based on what they’re called.

23. Never Ending Footsteps

By: Lauren Juliff

Lauren Juliff is one of those bloggers who already knew what they wanted to be from an early age.

She dreamt of traveling to new places, meeting new people, and exploring new cultures. Never Ending Footsteps is proof that she accomplished all three.

The blog consists of posts about Lauren’s fulfilling travels to different countries. But unlike a lot of famous travel bloggers, she also talks about the downsides of being a digital nomad.

Never Ending Footsteps has a “The Incidents” blog section where Lauren discusses the not-so-sexy aspects of traveling. She has been scammed, attacked by monkeys, locked out of her room, lost her passport, and more.

Despite these incidents, Lauren’s love for travel only grew. Such experiences increased her wisdom and travel acumen — resulting in some of the most insightful travel articles ever published.

Lauren also helps her audience get into the world of travel blogging. Check out “How to Start a Travel Blog” for information on web hosting, working with WordPress, and so on.

24. A Dangerous Business Travel Blog

By: Amanda Williams

A Dangerous Business Travel Blog is a straightforward blog made to help people travel.

It is created by Amanda Williams, who is a former journalist with degrees in journalism, hospitality, and tourism management.

Amanda first got into journalism by editing obituaries — eventually becoming a copy and layout editor at a newspaper company. She started A Dangerous Business Travel Blog in 2010 out of boredom and her need for a creative outlet.

Fast forward to 2020, the blog now averages over 340,000 page views per month. Amanda also maintains a strong social media presence with thousands of followers across networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

A Dangerous Business Travel Blog contains posts about travel planning, packing, destinations, and inspiration. Everything is sprinkled with high-quality photos to keep readers engaged and enthused.

The centerpiece of A Dangerous Business Travel Blog is “The 10-Day Adventure Project.” Put simply, it’s a collection of ready-to-use, self-guided itineraries that will shave hours off your travel planning process.

25. Against the Compass

By: Joan Torres

How do you make a travel blog stand out?

Joan Torres has a surefire answer: covering the most unusual and “off the beaten track” destinations.

Against The Compass is a unique blog that talks about the travel routes and destinations you probably haven’t heard of. It covers destinations that people don’t normally include in their bucket list, like Pakistan, Tunisia, Syria, and other high-risk countries.

Of course, Joan makes sure to highlight the importance of safety when traveling in relatively low-popularity destinations. He has comprehensive guides for solo female travel, travel insurance, and general travel safety.

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26. Everything Everywhere

By: Gary Arndt

In travel blogging, a picture is undeniably worth a thousand words. There’s simply no excuse for any travel blogger to forego the inclusion of visual content in their posts.

Gary Arndt’s absolutely nailed it with his photography work for Everything Everywhere.

Gary actually won multiple, major travel photography awards — more than any travel photographer. His photography is so good that I suggest you check the “Travel Photos” page on Everything Everywhere.

Go ahead, take a break and thank me later.

Other than taking breathtaking photos, Gary also publishes detailed blog posts about the places he’s been. He’s been on the go for roughly 9 years non-stop, which means readers will never run out of material.

27. The Longest Way Home

By: David Ways

The Longest Way Home started as the personal travel journal of David Ways — a solo traveler in search of home.

The blog originally started as David’s private, digital diary. As he journeyed across Europe and gained experience, it turned into a full-on blog with travel guides to specific locations.

David finally found home in Nepal before traveling to other parts of Southeast Asia.

He’s not the most nitpicky blogger in terms of grammar and spelling, but he’s definitely a brilliant storyteller. He’s also skilled in capturing and immortalizing moments into photos, which you can view on his blog’s gallery.

The Longest Way Home has a library of content about various destinations, trekking, and travel planning. It also features in-depth travel guides to Nepal, Thailand, and overland travel — plus a mini-guide to Portugal.

28. Global Grasshopper

By: Becky Moore

Global Grasshopper is a travel blog run by Becky Moore and her team of professional travel photographers and writers.

Becky’s first adventure was a six-month voyage in Southeast Asia. She considers herself a “semi-nomad,” traveling from country to country while nestling in Ireland, Australia, or parts of Southeast Asia.

Global Grasshopper contains posts about popular travel destinations, hotels, and other places that deserve more attention. Readers will also enjoy the blog’s posts about dog-friendly travel — covering topics like dog booster seats and pet-friendly hotels.

Since the blog is run by a team of experts, expect the content quality to be top-notch across the board. The team also organizes boutique tours, which readers can participate in for a memorable travel experience.

29. Girl Gone Travel

By: Carol Cain

Carol Cain is an accomplished professional in the field of communications. She is a social media marketing expert, public speaker, branding agency owner, and award-winning travel blogger.

Girl Gone Travel is the result of Carol’s innate passion for travel and knack for digital marketing. It is a well-designed, engaging, and filled with quality content that shines with Carol’s personality.

Other than her travel-related posts, Girl Gone Travel also publishes a lot of posts about blogging and online branding. This makes it an excellent place to start for hopeful travelers who plan to have their own blog one day.

30. HoneyTrek

By: Mike and Anne Howard

Believe it or not, HoneyTrek is a travel blog about a honeymoon.

Yes — it’s probably the longest honeymoon ever.

Founders Mike and Anne Howard are a power couple with skills that can make any blog great. Anne is a former magazine editor whereas Mike’s a veteran digital media strategist and photographer.

Together, they’ve honeymooned to over seven continents and 60 countries while creating the most romantic travel blog in the process.

HoneyTrek contains a collection of posts about their travel destinations, experiences, and travel tips for all budgets. They also wrote two successful books: “Comfortably Wild” and “Ultimate Journeys for Two.”

31. Oneika The Traveller

By: Oneika Raymond

Oneika The Traveller is an award-winning travel blog by journalist, keynote speaker, and media personality Oneika Raymond.

For those who don’t know Oneika, she’s the on-air travel and lifestyle correspondent for CTV Canada and NBC New York. Even more impressively, her blog won her a gold medal in the 2018 SATW Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism competition.

Oneika talks about travel destinations and her go-to tips for life on the road. With her experience in the field of journalism, she’s definitely one of the most engaging storytellers on this list.

32. The Adventurists

By: Tom Morgan

The Adventurists is hands down one of the most well-designed travel blogs in this post.

The blog proves that integrating tons of video content into one page doesn’t have to affect its loading speed. In fact, the site loads surprisingly fast despite having several video panels on the homepage.

I’m not going to delve too deeply into this technical feat. What I’m going to focus on, however, is the brilliant team behind The Adventurists.

The site is founded by “Chief Idiot” — Tom Morgan. Apparently, most of the crazy ideas featured on the blog were his.

Every page on the site reflects Morgan and his team’s wackiness and passion for great adventures. They do, host, and document daring outdoor activities on air, land, and sea — plus, a whole lot of charity.

Their audience can also participate in these activities, which can be held in various parts of the globe. The “Monkey Run,” for example, is an event where participants race through dirt trails on tiny bikes.

The bottom line is, it’s hard to come up with unique ideas that set you apart in the blogging landscape. The Adventurists, on the other hand, managed to do so multiple times.

33. Time Travel Turtle

By: Michael Turtle

Time Travel Turtle is created by Australian Journalist Michael Turtle.

Michael was born to be a storyteller and he knew it from an early age.

In school, he ran the student newsletter and contributed a weekly column. He also filled the role of deputy editor of a university newspaper.

Time Travel Turtle’s contains mainly posts on the locations that Michael has visited over the years.

Like most renowned travel bloggers, Michael captures amazing photos that travel enthusiasts can fall in love with. He puts some of these photos up for sale to companies who’d like to feature those locations or properties.

Michael continues to explore the world as a digital nomad. He also shares practical travel tips so readers can experience these adventures themselves.

34. Hand Luggage Only

By: Yaya and Lloyd

Hand Luggage Only is a hugely successful travel blog by couple Yaya and Lloyd.

The site doles out travel advice, inspiration, photography tips, food reviews, and posts about must-see destinations. It also has a library of high-quality videos where Yaya and Lloyd describe their experiences in detail.

Yaya and Lloyd started the blog in 2014 with a plan to share their travel stories with the world. Within a few hours, they published their first posts using photos they already took and edited.

The moral of the story is, consider starting a blog if you already have a library of unused travel photos.

35. Travel4Wildlife

By: Christina Garcia and Hal Brindley

It should only take anyone a second to figure out what Travel4Wildlife is all about.

The blog is created by couple Christina Garcia and Hal Brindley out of their passion for wildlife.

Hal is an experienced wildlife photographer for organizations like the Nature Conservancy Magazine, SEE Turtles, and RARE Conservation. Christina, on the other hand, is an experienced zoologist who worked on studies on wolves, cheetahs, and leopards.

Travel4Wildlife’s goal is to increase awareness and increase the appreciation for wildlife. More importantly, it was Christina and Hal’s life goal to promote wildlife conservation through responsible tourism.

Behind the scenes, the couple teams up to create compelling articles that focus on wildlife in specific destinations. The blog covers a range of species on different continents — from owls in South Africa to polar bears in Canada.

36. The Insatiable Traveler

By: Susan Portnoy

Susan Portnoy, also called The Insatiable Traveler on her blog, is a seasoned travel writer and photographer.

Susan’s last full-time job was VP of corporate communications at Condé Nast. When that door closed, she took on a freelancing career as she learned the art of photography.

Fast forward a few years, and she has enough accolades to make photography degree holders envious.

Her photographic works were featured by organizations like National Geographic and companies like Bing. She also won awards like the SATW Lowell Thomas Award and the 2018 Gold in the Muster Photo Competition.

The main focal points of The Insatiable Traveler include destinations, cruises, photography, and travel gear. Susan also covers the safaris in various regions, like Tanzania, Namibia, and Kenya.

37. View from the Wing

By: Gary Leff

Just like Brett Snyder, Gary Leff of View From The Wing is an expert in all things air travel.

Gary was named one of the “World’s Top Travel Experts” by Condé Nast Traveler since 2010. He also co-founded InsideFlyer.com — a community made by and for frequent flyers.

View From The Wing is a goldmine of timeless tips on airline miles, credit cards, hotels, and business travel. No matter your sub-niche in travel, I recommend checking it out for ways to maximize your frequent flyer miles.

Gary also publishes posts called “Trip Reports” about establishments, food, and various attractions.

38. Uncornered Market

By: Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott

Dan Noll and Audrey Scott are a pair of adventurers, storytellers, and tourism advisors who advocate for responsible traveling.

They created Uncornered Market — a responsible tourism blog — after leaving their secure and stable lifestyle in Prague. Prior to that, they lived in San Francisco and took a leap of faith for the sake of avoiding regrets.

It’s clear that both Dan and Audrey believed that fulfillment can’t be found within the confines of your comfort zone. They explored, made connections, and shared their experiences through their travel blog.

Some of the topics you’ll find in Uncornered Market are about destinations, sustainable tourism, food, and trekking. Dan and Audrey also write about personal growth and experiential travel.

Uncornered Market is also a tourism development and marketing consultancy company. They help travel companies, destinations, and tourism organizations build their brands and deliver their message to a wider audience.

39. Jessie on a Journey

By: Jessica “Jessie” Festa

Like plenty of bloggers, Jessica Festa needed a taste of life before discovering her true calling.

In her youth, Jessie traveled to mostly cruises in the Caribbean and road trips in North America. She also experienced being a sightseeing guide in New York.

Jessie on a Journey is the result of her pursuing her dreams of getting paid to do something she loves. She now blogs about being a solo female traveler, blogging it, and profiting off of it.

I’m sure a lot of big-name bloggers are all too familiar with how Jessie made the blogging vision a reality.

For a long time, she felt that the workaday lifestyle isn’t for her. It made her feel like she’s living everyone else’s life — not the kind of life she wanted to keep.

Despite the disapproval of loved ones, Jessie decided to quit her secure job in favor of being a travel blogger.

She was just as unprepared as most people before starting their own blog. The key difference is, she went out there and took her first step.

40. Legal Nomads

By: Jodi Ettenberg

Back when Jodi Ettenberg was in law school, she never would’ve guessed she’d run a successful travel and food business.

That happens to a lot of people, especially those who never thought of giving priority to their passions.

It’s just a hunch, but I think the name Legal Nomads had something to do with Jodi’s background in law.

Legal Nomads highlights destinations and local cultures just as insightfully as other travel blogs. What makes it different is that Jodi focuses on local cuisines to experience and tell the stories of each destination.

A huge part of Jodi’s blog is about wellness and gluten-free eating. She then utilized her knowledge and experience to create detailed restaurant cards, which travelers can use when visiting certain countries.

41. Indiana Jo

By: Jo Fitzsimons

Like Jodi Ettenberg, Jo Fitzsimons also used to practice law before becoming a successful travel and lifestyle writer.

Indiana Jo started way back in 2010 where Jo can comfortably type away her thoughts and musings. Fed up with her full-time job, she went out to see the world as a digital nomad.

It wasn’t always smooth sailing for Indiana Jo, however. According to her, she thought about quitting the blog several times before finally realizing that it’s a lifetime thing.

Jo writes about her travel experiences, destinations, wine, and food. She also shares travel planning tips along with a long list of content about topics that personally interest her.

42. TravelFreak

By: Jeremy Scott Foster

TravelFreak is the brainchild of Jeremy Scott Foster who left America in the middle of a recession and to Australia.

For a while, he racked up some savings as a traveling bartender. It took some time before he finally made the switch to be a digital nomad and online entrepreneur.

Jeremy created the blog to help people create opportunities to achieve the fulfilling life they deserve.

He writes about travel advice, destinations, gear, and ways to get your finances in order as you travel. This includes guides on how to land and keep a job abroad along with resources on reliable booking websites.

I personally like the way Jeremy designed TravelFreak to provide the best possible user experience. Unlike a traditional layout, the site features a search bar so readers can jump right into the content they need.

TravelFreak has been featured in Forbes, National Geographic, The New York Times, and a few other big-name publications.

43. The Everywhereist

By: Geraldine DeRuiter

Before anything else, yes — that’s Rand Fishkin in the photo above.

And yes, the next travel blogger on this list is Rand’s longtime sweetheart and wife.

Geraldine DeRuiter was a former copywriter and went with Rand in his travels, which are often business-related. She then turned to the habit of documenting their travel experiences, which she described as “love letters” to her husband.

Today, Geraldine works full-time on The Everywhereist — named by Time magazine as one of the best blogs in 2011.

The Everywhereist contains posts about food and Geraldine’s travel experiences along with a comprehensive Philadelphia travel guide. The guide contains information on where to go, eat, shop, and stay.

Geraldine also wrote a book called “All Over The Place.” It chronicles how she embraced her love for blogging after being laid off, which aspiring bloggers can draw inspiration from.

44. Keep Calm and Travel

By: Clelia Mattana

Keep Calm and Travel is a travel blog created by serial traveler Clelia Mattana.

Ever since she was 19, Clelia is a certified sea lover and globetrotter. But like many travel bloggers, she was given a choice between a secure job and the traveling lifestyle.

Clelia’s finalized her choice when she bought a one-way ticket to Asia. She then created Keep Calm and Travel to send a simple message:

“No matter what your age is, or your budget, or status, you can travel and live your life on your own terms.”

The blog’s topics include destinations across continents, photography, and travel gear. She also has a dedicated page for Sardinia, which is one of her absolute favorite travel destinations.

45. Practical Wanderlust

By: Lia and Jeremy Garcia

Lia and Jeremy Garcia, who aptly labeled themselves a “travel couple” on Instagram, are the minds behind Practical Wanderlust.

Jeremy is a film degree holder whose passions include writing and directing. He also became a high school teacher who taught filmmaking and digital media art.

Lia, on the other hand, has a fashion design and apparel merchandising degree. She took on roles in corporate merchandising before becoming a business systems analyst.

Why did I tell you all this? Simple: I want you to know what the pair had to give up pursuing their dreams of traveling.

Practical Wanderlust’s goal is to help other people enjoy travel in the most realistic and sensible approach possible. The blog is filled with detailed content on planning memorable trips on a budget, where to go, and staying safe.

Lia and Jeremy also host their own podcast, which is available on Google Podcasts, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.

46. Expert Vagabond

By: Matthew “Matt” Karsten

Matthew Karsten, AKA the Expert Vagabond, has been a travel blogger, photographer, and digital nomad for nine years.

He talks about budget travel tips, destinations, travel photography, and strategies to make the digital nomadic life work.

Matt is a business degree holder who spent time freelancing as a nightlife and event photographer. While he admits it was fun, he knew that he wants and deserves something more.

After a year of downsizing his life, eating homemade food, selling eBooks, and saving every penny, he was ready. He set out to obtain a different kind of wealth — that which is made with adventures and experiences.

47. The Voyageur

By: Pauline Chardin

Pauline Chardin is a France-based fashion designer, photographer, and art director.

She always had a soft spot for travel — driven by her appreciation for picturesque architecture, landscapes, and good food. She started The Voyageur to help people view the world through her voice and eyes.

The Voyageur is a simple, yet aesthetic website achieved through Pauline’s incredible photography skills. Apart from itineraries and posts about hotels, food, art, and architecture, the site also has a sizeable photo gallery.

Images are accompanied by a brief article that describes the destination’s history and Pauline’s thoughts and emotions during her visit. I’m not sure what it is, but there’s something about this content format that’s truly engaging and relaxing.

48. Amateur Traveler

By: Chris Christensen

Don’t be fooled by the name — Amateur Traveler is by no means run by an amateur.

Chris Christensen is a skilled photographer, travel writer, and podcast host. The site also utilizes a long list of monetization strategies that I believe every blogger should learn.

True, he wasn’t the most experienced traveler when he started the blog. Before he created Amateur Traveler, he was a full-time EVP of engineering and operations for a company based in Silicon Valley.

In his defense, he grew up in a family that traveled a lot to national parks in a trailer. He also learned a lot of foreign languages, which he believes is a window into understanding and embracing different cultures.

Amateur Traveler discusses destinations, travel budgeting, planning, gear, and booking. The site also features a weekly podcast on the top destinations around the world.

Monetization Strategies

  • Display advertisements
  • Patreon donations
  • Amateur Traveler Shop powered by Etsy
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sponsored posts
  • Sponsored podcast episodes
  • Podcast advertisements
  • Social media and content marketing consulting services
  • Content writing services
  • Social media marketing campaigns
  • Paid guest posts

49. Girl Eat World

By: Melissa Hie

Melissa Hie is the “Girl” in Girl Eat World — a name that encapsulates what the whole blog is all about.

You see, Melissa’s three passions are food, travel, and storytelling. She started the blog in 2015 as a digital diary for herself and friends who need travel tips.

Prior to her blog’s success, she amassed quite a following on Instagram. This springboarded her blogging career, which she put in the back burner after focusing on her full-time career.

Girl Eat World is essentially a compendium of Melissa’s travel stories and travel planning guides. She also has an iconic style of capturing Instagram posts, which must be seen to be appreciated.

50. The Adventure Junkies

By: Antonio Cala and Amanda Zeisset

The Adventure Junkies is definitely not your average travel blog.

Because It’s not just about the travel stories of founders Antonio Cala and Amanda Zeisset. Upon visiting the blog for the first time, you’ll realize that it’s all about the community the blog has built.

New visitors are encouraged to join “Summit” — a free community for people who seek adventures through travel and outdoor activities. There, members can connect, plan events, share posts, ask questions, form groups, and discuss anything related to travel.

Adventure Junkies also compile guides and resources about outdoor activities like diving, kayaking, mountain biking, and snowboarding. There’s also a section for visitors who’d like to learn about outdoor and underwater photography.

Antonio and Amanda started The Adventure Junkies as a personal blog about their three years of cycling. Over time, their readers began asking questions on how they can plan their own adventures.

The couple then realized that they need to create something more than a personal blog. As such, they transformed The Adventure Junkies as a one-stop shop for adventurists.

Travel Bloggers Topics

  • Outdoor activities
  • Travel gear
  • Destinations
  • Travel safety
  • Food

Monetization Strategies

  • The Adventure Junkies Store
  • Paid digital guides
  • Affiliate marketing

51. A Broken Backpack Travel Blog

By: Melissa Giroux

Melissa Giroux used to be a social worker who only traveled once a year.

created A Broken Backpack a year after her journey in the Canadian Rockies — hitch-hiking from point A to B. She continued working on her blog as a creative outlet while working on a farm in Australia.

It didn’t take long before A Broken Backpack’s popularity gained momentum and gave Melissa a new frontier.

The website contains crucial tips on travel gear, budgeting, destinations, and the life of a digital nomad. Melissa also put together in-depth guides on travel blogging, moving to another country as an expat, and backpacking.

Travel Bloggers Topics

  • Destinations
  • Travel planning
  • Travel gear
  • Blogging
  • Travel budgeting

Monetization Strategies

  • Display advertisements
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Brand collaborations
  • Sponsored posts
  • Content writing services
  • SEO eBook on Nomad Life 101

52. Life Part 2

By: Jonathan Look Jr. and Sarah Wilson

The last blog on this list that your best life can start at any time you choose.

But Let me tell you the story behind Life Part 2 and the people behind it.

Jonathan Look Jr. and Sarah Wilson are both happy retirees with a simple mantra: “don’t waste your retirement.”

To them, retirement isn’t about being comfortable and secure. Rather, it’s all about the freedom to listen to your heart and follow where it takes you.

Sarah and Jonathan met in Chiang Mai, Thailand where they both agreed to see the world as a couple.

Life Part 2 is a mix of all things travel. At times, there’ll be a post about remote destinations and backpacking, and at other times, the theme is luxury travel.

You will, however, notice that the content topics on the blog often revolve around retirement, minimalism, and travel.

Travel Bloggers Topics

  • Destinations
  • Travel planning
  • Retirement
  • Minimalism

Monetization Strategies

  • Brand collaborations
  • Display advertisements
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling photography


Planning to go on your own travel adventures? Perhaps you’re thinking of starting your very own travel blog?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a case of wanderlust or the desire to be a travel blogger yourself.

The list above has some of the best travel blogs ever created. They can provide you with ideas and inspiration for your next trip or first-ever travel blog post.

If you think I missed a great travel blog that everyone should read, let me know in the comments below. Good luck!

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