Oct 14, 2019
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A Hamdog

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A “hamdog” is a quick meals creation in Australia that has turn into in style there. The idea is to make a scorching dog-sized despair within the middle of a hamburger patty earlier than you grill it and individually grill a scorching canine. Then, you place the grilled scorching canine into the despair, which is able to cradle it when each meat merchandise are positioned on a single hamburger bun. I noticed a narrative about this on the tv information. The reporter stated that “hamdog” is coming to America. Wow. I can hardly await that to occur.

The story made me take into consideration different incongruous meals mixtures. Salads was merely lettuce with salad dressing. Over time, different uncooked greens made their means into salads. Now, individuals generally put meat of their salad. Thus, we have now tuna salad, rooster salad, fish salad, and we even have fruit salad. However “hamdog” appears to have crossed some line of respect. It’s a presentation of two totally different critter meats. I say two, however who actually is aware of what critter is in a scorching canine?

Would you go to a superb restaurant and order “lambkin?” That might be lamb with rooster. How about “horsenpfeffer” (horse meat and rabbit stew)? They do eat horse meat in some nations. There isn’t a cause why a meat-on-meat culinary creation can not come to America from any nation if the Australians can ship us “hamdog.” The truth is, the chances of what critter meat is in a scorching canine broaden enormously when you think about what Australian critter meats could be put in a type of.

My mother likes to eat fried rooster livers. Might “hamdog” encourage the combining of organ meats from totally different animals? If you’re a vegan you might puke on the concept of that. Is vegan puke, mixed with the puke of a meat-eater an enhancement of nausea? Possibly we had higher take a stand. We must always inform the Australians to not ship “hamdog” to America, earlier than we should be taught to stay with the “McHamdog.” If they do not take heed to us, we might need to retaliate. We might ship them “gizzard-chitterlings,” which might be cooked chicken abdomen and hog intestines.

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