A Quick Guide to Taiwanese Black Pudding – A Must Eat at Taiwanese Night Markets

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  • October 17, 2019
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Taiwanese black pudding or pig’s blood cake is fabricated from pig’s blood combined with sticky rice. Like many well-known Taiwanese ‘little eats’, the Taiwanese black pudding can hint its origins again to Mainland China. This little eat is considered invented by the farming communities as a method of utilising all elements of a animal’s physique. With out the invention of the black pudding, pig’s blood can be simply let to run into the drains and gone to waste.

Duck blood was the primary animal blood to have been combined with rice and steamed right into a ‘blood cake’. As duck and its merchandise grew an increasing number of costly, the Taiwanese look to different animal bloods that will type a steamed blood cake with comparable consistencies. Pig’s blood grew to become used and thus scrumptious variations of pig’s blood cake started to emerge. Duck’s blood cake will not be readily seen on the streets of Taiwan any extra.

As soon as the pudding is steamed, it’s minimize, sometimes into thick rectangular slices and glued on a skewer. That is instantly dipped in peanut energy and contemporary coriander. It is usually stated that basil is a few occasions used instead of coriander specific in summer time when costs for coriander could make it not reasonably priced. Though historically minimize into rectangular slices, fancy formed Taiwanese black pudding are bought by some with the declare that’s provides to the feel and helps to reinforce the flavour in each chew. Some puddings are as much as 15 centimeters lengthy and a few require 2 skewers to carry it up. Some housewives merely minimize up selfmade black puddings into small cubes and added to clear soup served up with contemporary ginger or coriander.

Within the early durations, steamed black pudding dipped in thick soy sauce and candy chilli sauce is the popular flavours in southern Taiwan the place because it was the north that most popular dipping the pudding in peanut energy and coriander. These days, the northern model will be seen in all corners of the island.

As customary, meals at Taiwanese evening markets are cooked in entrance of you and served instantly. Seeing the stall grasp lifting your pudding (on the skewer) contemporary from the steamer and season the flavours as you wait makes it all of the extra tantalising expertise. You will have to reach in loads of time notably at common stalls. Some shops are so common, the wait might be as much as an hour or longer they usually might run out of inventory early within the afternoon.


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