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A Quick Guide to the Female Genitalia

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With the ability to expertise nice intercourse is a vital a part of any relationship, and a relationship that experiences nice intercourse is a vital purpose in your private growth. A better information of intercourse is important, since lots of the largest issues regarding intercourse and sexuality revolves round a lack of understanding.

Whereas information of the male genitalia within reason easy, since many of the necessary components for experiencing nice intercourse are on the skin of the physique and simply seen, this isn’t the case with the feminine genitalia, since an important components for her are on the within of her physique. So immediately I would wish to introduce you to the assorted components of your girl’s genitals, hoping that it will help you perceive what the totally different components are and the way you should use them to enhance your intercourse life.

So let’s get began!

ON THE OUTSIDE – beginning on the prime, there may be the mons Venus, the entrance commissure and the vulva, which consists of the labia majora, labia minora, frenulum, clitoral hood, clitoral glans, the vestibule (consisting of the urinary meatus and introitus), the fourchette and the perineum.

ON THE INSIDE – beginning on the prime, there may be the pubic bone, the clitoral shaft, the crura, the vestibular bulbs, the urethral sponge, the urethra, the Grafenberg spot, the anterior fornix, the vagina, the cervix and the perineal sponge.


1/ The MONS VENUS, typically known as the mons veneris (however I like Venus higher) is the “love mound” of a girl and is located over the pubic bone and above the vulva. It may be utilized in genital therapeutic massage because it comprises some erectile tissue below the floor.

2/ The FRONT COMMISSURE is a small space of flesh between the underside of the mons Venus and the highest of the clitoral hood. It’s delicate and can arouse your girl should you contact it. It’s best used for positioning the higher lip of your mouth throughout cunnilingus (oral intercourse on girls).

3/ The VULVA is the primary space of the exterior feminine genitalia and encompasses many of the components talked about beneath. It’s the focus of consideration for each intercourse and oral intercourse.

4/ The LABIA MAJORA are the fleshy, outer lips of the vulva and are often coated with hair. They’re finest used throughout genital therapeutic massage and sometimes cowl up the labia minora utterly or virtually utterly, whereas in different girls, the labia minora cling down between them.

5/ The LABIA MINORA are the tender, skinny, inside lips of the vulva. They’re extremely delicate and motion of them can stimulate the clitoris. They are often touched with fingers, tongue or penis and this may be extremely pleasurable to the girl.

6/ The FRENULUM is the purpose the place the highest of the labia minora meet the underside of the clitoral hood. This can be very delicate and is finest stimulated by the tongue throughout oral intercourse, though the fingers may also be used.

7/ The CLITORAL HOOD is the fold of pores and skin that surrounds the clitoral glans and shaft. It’s designed to guard the clitoris from an excessive amount of stimulation. For that reason, girls often contact this throughout masturbation, fairly than the glans immediately. You possibly can lick round this throughout oral intercourse to offer your girl pleasure, in addition to therapeutic massage it between two fingers or roll it gently between fingers and thumb to stimulate the clitoral shaft inside.

8/ The CLITORAL GLANS is the centre of the universe for feminine sexual pleasure so far as the skin is anxious! It’s best stimulated by the tongue throughout oral intercourse, since it’s so delicate. You can even use moist fingers (not dry ones) to supply a clitoral orgasm to your girl.

9/ The VESTIBULE is the realm contained in the labia minora. It runs from the frenulum to the fourchette. Every little thing inside it’s pleasurable to the contact for a lady and it’s the fundamental space used to stimulate a girl throughout cunnilingus. You can even use arms or penis to stimulate this space whether it is pleasurable to your girl.

10/ The URINARY MEATUS is the small gap the place she urinates. It’s often delicate to digital (finger) and oral stimulation and sometimes pleasurable to a girl.

11/ The INTROITUS is the doorway to the vagina. It’s extremely innervated with many nerve endings and has the urethral sponge on the prime and the perineal sponge on the backside, beneath the floor of the vagina partitions. It’s pleasurable to the contact by way of tongue, fingers or penis.

12/ The FOURCHETTE is the decrease fold of pores and skin that completes the labia minora on the backside of the vestibule. It’s delicate and pleasurable. It may be used as an alternative choice to the entrance commissure when putting your higher lip on a girl to offer her oral intercourse from behind.

13/ The PERINEUM is the house between the fourchette and the anus. Urgent right here with fingers or penis will stimulate the perineal sponge beneath the floor of the pores and skin, which can produce pleasurable sensations.


1/ The PUBIC BONE can be utilized for grinding throughout girl-on-top intercourse positions and it protects the feminine genitalia throughout intercourse.

2/ The CLITORAL SHAFT is contained in the clitoral hood and is the a part of the clitoris most girls stimulate throughout masturbation. It seems like a skinny wire that strikes round inside. Massaging and touching the hood will stimulate the shaft to create a clitoral erection to show in your girl for intercourse.

3/ The CRURA are the 2 “roots” of the clitoris that type a wishbone form across the space beneath the floor of the labia majora. The prolong right down to the pelvic flooring. Massaging the labia majora firmly will not directly stimulate the clitoris by way of these “roots”.

4/ The VESTIBULAR BULBS are areas of erectile tissue surrounding the crura which broaden when full of blood. They are often stimulate by agency stress on the labia majora from the skin. They’re accountable for “puffing up” the vulva in look when the girl is aroused.

5/ The URETHRAL SPONGE consists of Skene’s glands that fill with prostate-like ejaculatory fluid when the girl is aroused. Agency stress on the G-spot in a “milking” trend and a “bearing down” by the girl as if she was going to offer start leads to the fluid being squeezed out of the glands into the urethra, the place it exits the physique by the urinary meatus throughout feminine ejaculation. It’s positioned above the vaginal opening and may also be stimulated from the introitus utilizing the fingers.

6/ The URETHRA is a tube that often delivers urine from the bladder to the skin of the physique throughout urination. Nevertheless, it is usually used for feminine ejaculation to exit the ejaculatory fluid from the Skene’s glands. It’s positioned inside the urethral sponge (the sponge surrounds it on all sides, like lagging round a water pipe).

7/ The GRAFENBERG SPOT, or G-spot shouldn’t be precisely a spot however extra of an space on the entrance wall of the vagina some 2 inches contained in the introitus. Urgent firmly on this with fingers or the penis will convey pleasure to the girl and provides her a G-spot orgasm.

8/ The ANTERIOR FORNIX is an space deep inside the vagina alongside the entrance wall, near the cervix. Urgent firmly on it will produce an A-spot (or “deep” or “cervical” orgasm). It’s best stimulated by two fingers, palm-upwards (the index and center fingers).

9/ The VAGINA is the vacant house used throughout intercourse and stuffed by the penis. It consists of soppy vaginal partitions containing nerve endings that may trigger pleasure. These partitions really feel ribbed to the contact when the girl shouldn’t be aroused however easy out and broaden when she is. It might probably accommodate virtually any dimension of penis, though lengths better than 9 inches could trigger ache.

10/ The CERVIX is a tough, robust, doughnut-shaped muscle with a gap within the center. Its job is to let sperm into the uterus to fertilize an egg however not the penis. It may be reached by the center finger when she shouldn’t be round however strikes means again throughout arousal. The penis bumps up in opposition to it throughout intercourse.

11/ The PERINEAL SPONGE is positioned on the again wall of the vagina near the introitus. It’s made of comparable tissue to the urethral sponge. Putting the index finger on the perineum outdoors and the thumb on the sponge inside and massaging on this means will produce pleasure for the girl and an “anal” orgasm (even when you find yourself not touching the anus).

So I hope this info will assist you to seek out your means round your girl’s genitals and that it’ll enhance your lovemaking expertise so you may benefit from the superb intercourse you’ve got at all times wished!

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