Jan 30, 2020
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A Work In Progress: Removing Solar Keratosis

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I had put up with this ugly factor for years. The black, waxy darkish spot had firmly planted itself onto my left temple. I had banished its brother a few years in the past by having a physician take away it with a laser.

The keratosis had grown even bigger since then. It wasn’t till the earpiece on my glasses caught it and it began bleeding that I made a decision I needed to do one thing about it.

I knew I did not need to shell out $120 to have it eliminated, so I did some analysis and selected apple cider vinegar. I am not utilizing the mom vinegar. I simply began utilizing plain, previous apple cider vinegar.

I roughed it up with a heavy wash fabric, grabbed the vinegar, gauze, and bandages and went to work. Fairly easy, however that is what works. I wished to know if I may do that with out all of the expense and fanfare of a physician’s workplace go to.

That is the seventh day of the protocol and I do see a distinction. Whereas the spot hasn’t noticeably shrunk, it has modified colour. It was a deep black development almost a centimeter tall. It is now extra of a brownish colour.

The acetic acid within the vinegar is the important thing. I seen that after I roughed it up with the wash fabric there have been little, black specks on the wash fabric. So I suppose it has diminished in dimension. That is working sufficient to maintain on doing the protocol.

The protocol is pretty easy with these things:

• A small patch of white, sterile gauze

• Scissors

• Apple cider vinegar

• Adhesive bandages

I’ve been slicing a small patch of gauze (sufficiently small for the non-adhesive portion of the bandage) and dipping it in a cap filled with the vinegar. I place the gauze on the bandage pad and place it on the expansion. Proper now, it’s taking two bandages to carry it there. That’s all!

I begin after a morning bathe and preserve it on till the subsequent morning. I do not thoughts sporting all of it day as a result of it’s got to look higher than that ugly black factor. It stays on all day. I’ve a small bottle that has the vinegar in it and I merely apply extra to the bandage all through the day to maintain the gauze moist.

I am not a physician, however I can inform you what’s working for me. You will must make up your personal thoughts on this, however for me, it is working.

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