Accent Reduction for Indians: Pronunciation Problems for South Asians

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  • October 18, 2019
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Many Indian English audio system working within the US, discover that Individuals have problem understanding their spoken English.

If you’re an Indian English speaker you might end up questioning, “Why is my English so tough for Individuals to know?”

On this article, I am going to clarify one of many foremost the explanation why this occurs.

One of many foremost causes that Individuals do not perceive Indian English audio system is as a result of most South Asians by no means discovered the right way to use American syllable stress patterns.

Indian English audio system use syllable stress and vowel size incorrectly. This makes their spoken English very obscure!

Let me clarify…

Probably the most vital options of spoken American English is syllable stress. Whenever you use the proper syllable stress patterns, Individuals will perceive you.

Whenever you use the wrong syllable stress patterns, American listeners will not perceive you. Sadly this occurs to Indian English audio system on a regular basis!

Here’s a true story that illustrates why stressing syllables appropriately is so vital.

In my accent discount teaching program I labored with an Hindi talking shopper who labored in info know-how. He was completely sensible at his job however he had issues speaking together with his colleagues.

In the future, he and I have been having a dialogue about his observe audio information. He requested me if I may compress a number of the mp3 information that I used to be going to ship him.

Once I heard the phrase compress (pressured on the primary syllable), I used to be momentarily confused. That’s as a result of the phrase compress, when pressured on the first syllable is a noun. It means a heat or chilly compress that you’d apply to a swollen physique half after an harm.

The verb compress, (to cut back in measurement) is what he meant. The verb compress is pressured on the second syllable.

This true story illustrates that just by utilizing the mistaken syllable stress sample, my shopper unknowingly mentioned the mistaken phrase.

Many non-native audio system, (not simply Indians) by no means discovered that 60% of two- syllable American English verbs are pressured on the second syllable.

That signifies that frequent verbs equivalent to compress, professionalduce and record are pressured on the second syllable, not the primary.

When these identical spellings are pressured on the primary syllable, compress, professionalduce and rewire they’re perceived as nouns.

When Indian English audio system be taught to emphasize syllables in phrases the proper means, their spoken English is instantly extra clear and understandable to the American listener.

Each shopper in my accent discount program has skilled a big change of their accent after they discovered to make use of syllable stress appropriately.

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