American Accent Vs Indian Accent

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  • October 18, 2019
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In my job instructing the American accent, I counsel and coach many individuals who have been born in India however now work within the US.

1000’s of Indian born professionals dwelling within the US have wonderful expertise, engineering and medical expertise. American firms worth their professionalism, information and work ethic.

What many Indian born professionals lack although, is the flexibility to talk customary American English clearly and successfully. This retains them from speaking clearly within the office, making new mates and shifting up of their firms.

If you’re an Indian English speaker it’s possible you’ll be questioning simply how the Indian accent differs from the American accent.

Listed below are 4 ways in which the Indian accent and the American accent are totally different.

The American accent has guidelines for syllable stress that many Indians do not use. Most Indians have bother utilizing the right stress in phrases reminiscent of:

  • growth
  • engineer
  • understand
  • negotiate
  • aggressive

Individuals from India do not at all times distinguish the vowel sounds in /ae/ black and /e/ purple. These are distinctly totally different sounds in American English. Examples embrace the phrases broaden /ae/ and expend /e/.

Many Indian languages do not articulate the voiced fricative consonant sound discovered within the phrases pleasure, measure or event. Indian English audio system have a tendency to make use of a /z/ or /sh/ sound as a substitute of the right sound (the image for this sound is sort of a three with a tail).

The intonation that Indians use to ask questions and the intonation that Individuals use to ask questions can also be totally different. American English audio system rise on questions that may be answered with a YES or a NO. Indian audio system do not at all times do that naturally and this will create misunderstandings.

In fact the “Indian accent” shouldn’t be uniform. Indian English audio system embrace Tamil audio system, Malayalam audio system, Telegu audio system, Hindi audio system and plenty of others. Every Indian language has its personal distinctive traits. If you switch these traits from your personal language to American English, it typically creates a robust accent.

On this brief article I’ve briefly described 4 ways in which the American accent is totally different than the Indian accent; syllable stress, the /ae/ and /e/ sounds, the voiced fricative sound in event and rising intonation in questions. Hopefully I’ve answered some questions you might have.

If you’re an Indian English speaker who desires to talk American English extra clearly it’s possible you’ll wish to contemplate American accent coaching for Indians.

Private coaching will make it easier to talk extra clearly in American English. This may make it easier to in your job and in your profession. I may also help you obtain this.