Oct 16, 2019
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Arowana – The Best Foods To Feed Your Baby Arowana

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Arowana fish have a large and diverse meals weight loss program and actually something that may slot in there mouth is taken into account meals to them. However once we are taking care of a child arowana we now have to be extra conscious of the meals we’re feeding them. Personally I do not advocate stay bait feeding to a younger arowana on account of how vulnerable they are going to be to illness and stay bait is the largest reason for illness unfold amongst aquarium arowanas.

Right here is the run down of meals varieties that may go well with a child arowana whether or not it’s silver, crimson or golden. I’m classing a child arowana as any arowana under 15cm in size. This dimension of arowana fish ought to be fed as much as three instances a day.

Frozen/ freeze dried bloodworms:

This can be a very wholesome and nutritious meals for a child arowana and its a meals that’s normally and simply accepted proper from the beginning. That is good as arowanas are often called being choosy eaters.

Additionally the bloodworms float for a time frame which is able to give your fish time to eat them.

Child Crickets:

One other wholesome meals that almost all child arowanas will take to right away. Be sure that it’s child crickets that you’re utilizing as the larger crickets have a tough exterior shell that may trigger intestinal harm in a younger arowana. Some individuals feed the child crickets carrots or different dietary meals earlier than feeding them to the arowana. That is one other technique to get additional vitamins into your child arowana.

Freeze Dried Plankton:

That is one other good meals which comprises lots of carotene. This meals additionally floats which is able to permit the younger arowana sufficient time to eat it however simply keep in mind to interrupt off the exhausting and pointy components earlier than dropping it within the tank.

Foodsticks/ pellets:

In case your arowana is consuming properly and appears content material then you definately would possibly try to introduce him to a steady meals like a foodstick or pellet. Simply keep in mind to interrupt the foodstick and pellets down for the arowana to eat.


Market shrimp may be fed to a child arowana so long as it’s minimize down sufficiently small and in a position to slot in its mouth. Simply keep in mind additionally to take off the exhausting shell/ pores and skin and guarantee that the shrimp is correctly defrosted if frozen earlier than hand.

Excessive High quality Flake

Can be utilized to combine up there weight loss program when younger, however not price utilizing after they get greater because it would not fill them.

The feeding of various kinds of meals to a child arowana is essential because it makes them much less inclined to reject totally different meals after they get greater. Its additionally essential to feed a child arowana at the least thrice a day as they develop quick however attempt to not over feed them every time.

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