Oct 17, 2019
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By Way of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War

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Have you ever heard the Division of Protection contractor launch; "we are able to't shoot down North Korea's missiles?" Then ask your self why have we as taxpayers allowed our flesh pressers to spend billions of {dollars} on "protection" applications that solely work in idea !!

As an Air Pressure veteran I do know from first-hand expertise of the billions of {dollars} that have been wasted on Protection applications just like the CV-22 Osprey and NORAD OTH (North American Aerospace Protection Command, Over-the-horizon) radar programs. Extremely poisonous Barium "Chemtrails" grew to become the short repair for OTH radar programs and SOF aviators at this time make the most of a "restricted re-engineered model" of the JVX plane that continues to crash and kill our navy service members.

What different information are you able to share?

There may be mass deception relating to the collusion of the mainstream media & Hollywood with treasonous US Intelligence businesses. Psychological Ops is the most important Black-Ops program all through your entire Shadow authorities. Don’t be fooled by politicians who seem to have your finest curiosity at coronary heart. We’ve warned you in opposition to the ravenous wolves in sheep clothes! The Liberal and Conservative politicians that outwardly seem to know, be empathetic and share your socio-economic considerations are the most important risk to American society and "Actual American Conservative Values."

These are the individuals who make you consider that "its your Constitutional proper" to kneel in the course of the Nationwide Anthem. They need you to consider that "unlawful immigration" shouldn’t be breaking Federal immigration legal guidelines. They need to consider that a number of distinguished Administrators, Producers, Actors of Hollywood movie studios and a number of other skilled athletes will not be concerned in rape, sexual assaults, youngster intercourse trafficking, pedophilia and human trafficking for physique components. They need you to consider that 9/11 & The Las Vegas bloodbath have been terrorist associated incidents.

If you’re not conscious and outraged by these sort of folks and occasions. Then you’re one of many "Strolling Lifeless."


Struggle! Due to the moneyed pursuits that management "each material" of our society. The pursuits are company, political, and spiritual: a three-level tier of management over the aspects of human society. These are the first methods and core parts utilized to implement socio-economic destabilization. To maintain humanity beneath the dome!

These pursuits are elitists who consider within the compelled imposition of their philosophies upon the plenty. Throughout your subsequent social gathering with your loved ones and mates (the hipsters). Consciously hearken to the conversations (eg iPhone, music, Fb, Instagram, Twitter, and so forth.) and virtually each different indication they’re out of contact with actuality. Then mirror again in your life and ask your self how did you arrive right here at this second. How did you grow to be one of many Strolling Lifeless?

Imho the systemic snowflake tradition of victimization and political correctness must cease! Washington DC politics is a canine and pony present. Check out the YouTube video: Political Deja Vu – Trump & Obama Give the Actual Identical Syria Speech. The Simpsons predicted Donald Trump as president again in 2000 in Bart to the Future Episode.

We’re being performed like puppets on a string. Do you bear in mind, The Great Wizard of Ounceswritten by L. Frank Baum initially printed by the George M. Hill Firm in Chicago on Might 17, 1900? The story of Dorothy's quest to seek out her approach house, accompanied by a tin woodsman, a scarecrow and cowardly lion. The indicators of Jewish affect upon the world and its hidden agenda ought to be clear to anybody that has ever learn the e book or seen the film.

How did we grow to be topic to the very systemic liberal ideology that's professionals within the media, politics, and academia have conveniently ignored?

Israel is the most important recipient of US overseas assist however "Mums" the phrase for many who don’t go public for worry of being labeled anti-Semitic in the event that they criticize America's pro-Israel insurance policies.

How is Israel depicted within the mainstream media?

Israel is the Holy Grail of Jesus Christ. The origin of ALL lies start in ISRAEL. "To start with God created the Heavens and the Earth," … cease proper there! From Genesis to Revelation; Talmud to Tanakh; Abram to Muhammad; Golda Meir to Ariel Sharon; CNN to MGM; Harvey Weinstein to Mark Zuckerberg; its all lies and deception!

The unusual actuality is that Adolph Hitler warned the world almost 100 years in the past concerning the treachery and deception of the Zionist folks. Take a more in-depth take a look at at this time's society and standard tradition. Ask your self, "Who’s accountable for the overwhelming social media affect upon our kids?"

Does the names Fb, Instagram, WhatsApp sound acquainted? Should you learn the current interview of Sean Parker by Axios, Parker defined intimately how social networks purposely hook and probably harm our brains.

All Mom's and Father's have to be keenly conscious and aware sufficient to ask themselves some severe questions on "why and the way" their youngsters are being uncovered to the Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, Homosexual, Transgender agenda? Now the general public use of restrooms has grow to be a contentions social difficulty and topic of political debate.

As a Father and a USSOCOM Operator I’m warning you. The World is being deceived by the Mainstream Media, Social Media, Academia, & CIA The truth that the vowels (Ia) is embedded within the lexicon is an indicator for "those that know" (Gnostics) that mass deception is actively in use upon the world.

You see … there are "no vowels" within the historical Semetic languages. So using vowels is trickery to the very best diploma in an effort to alter the that means and vibration of phrases. Phrases are tones, and tones are a frequencies, and frequencies are power!

You and your youngsters are being programmed by a common program referred to as "dyslexia."

This program has been broadcasting in vast band on in a steady loop for a number of years … bear in mind I discussed the chemtrails!

Right here's only a few notable historic occasions the mainstream media information networks failed to supply correct and trustworthy protection of … 9/11, additionally the third Infantry Division Invasion of Baghdad – Iraqi Nationwide Museum (Treasure of Nimrod lined by Lisa Ling), Invoice Clinton – Monica Lewinsky, Invoice Clinton – Commodity Futures Modernization Act, Seal Group 6 Osama Bin Laden Raid, Steven Greer Disclosure Mission Nationwide Press Membership Might 2001.

The true intent and function of "set off" occasions (eg faculty shootings, white police officer shoots and kills unarmed black man, #Blacklivesmatter protests, North Korea and so forth.) are to create a smoke-screen to divert consideration away from key alerts of data that can expose, uncover, and reveal the TRUTH relating to the lies and manipulation perpetrated by the Zionist agenda.

Right here is knowledge …

JEWIS H … three consonants & three vowels = 6

ISRAE L … three consonants & three vowels = 6

LEMOD I … three consonants & three vowels = 6

HaMossad leModi '

I Am doing my finest to warn those that will pay attention! I Am doing my finest to achieve those that will not be asleep! I Am coming forth as a result of I took an oath!

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