Feb 21, 2020
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Circle Pins – How Wearing One Had Special Meaning in the 50’s

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The circle pin is a basic piece of bijou that was notably well-liked within the 1950’s and 60’s and infrequently worn on a cardigan or shirt. There have been apparently totally different tales concerning the pins and their significance. It was stated that they’d totally different meanings relying on the pin model and the place it was worn. Listed here are some examples of what carrying a circle pin may imply within the 50’s and the way they had been used.

“Circle Pins imply you are a virgin.” The story is that this sort of pin was given by a man to a lady within the 50’s to point out that they had been courting. It was additionally an emblem of ones state of virginity. Supposedly as soon as the deed was carried out the pin could not be worn once more. Some sources say that if the pin was worn on the left facet it meant you hadn’t “carried out it” but. Afterwords, you’ll change the pin to the precise facet. The musical Grease has a well-known half involving the enduring pin: In a single scene, Frenchie makes use of a “virgin” pin to pierce Sandy’s ear.

“Circle Pins symbolize timeless love.” The spherical form symbolizes eternity. Carrying a circle pin was a method to get “pinned” and present that you’re going critically regular with out The Ring. A pin with a pearl meant one real love. Different gems and glossy additions on a pin would usually have made up private meanings by highschool lovebirds. For instance, a pin with a bow may imply “we’re tying the knot.”

“For friendship.” Ladies would alternate matching pins to point out friendship. Generally in the event that they had been all in the identical sorority, membership or college group, women would all put on matching pins to point out membership and belonging.

“Circle Pins are scarf holders.” Some individuals say that spherical pins had been initially designed as holders to assist maintain a shawl neat and positioned completely. It really works wonders and appears actually nice! Once you pull one finish of a sheer scarf by way of the middle of the pin after which fasten the pin, it is going to assist maintain your scarf in place and full the look. This really is smart since sheer scarves could be so slippery.

Do you connect meanings to your circle pins? Whether or not they’re nostalgic for you, or you might be simply now moving into the development, they’re a fantastic accent with a cute and kitschy previous. Classic pins are the proper small present to present to the one you like.

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