Conflict Of Personalities Within The God Mind

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  • February 10, 2020
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It has been a query about how God can have a common and a private side. It is also been a surprise how a created angelic being can search to grow to be the brand new individual of the Godhead. Such is a thriller of the excessive issues within the universe. Now we have at all times thought that God is all that’s due to this fact division doesn’t exist as a result of the whole lot is one. However we have to perceive that issues might be similar in substance however totally different in being.

The idea of the common and private side of God is derived by means of the precept of correspondence. The thoughts has two elements, the acutely aware and the unconscious. God additionally has a acutely aware and unconscious thoughts. Consider the acutely aware because the persona or Ego and the unconscious because the physique. The universe is the physique of God and the trinity is the individual of God. Each the universe and the trinity is God, for all is one however with totally different elements.

You create totally different thoughtforms or personalities inside you along with your considering. These totally different thoughtforms or personalities signify totally different elements of you. Though every of them run your physique at totally different instances with a view to specific a special a part of you, there’s a dominant persona that defines the actual you. It doesn’t outline you as a being since you are none of your personalities however pure spirit. It defines you as an individual.

When certainly one of these personalities turns into better than your dominant persona, it overrides it and also you grow to be a brand new individual. These is how metamorphosis happens and which explains why somebody can grow to be a totally new and totally different individual. It’s a change of self with a special self. Such adjustments are adjustments in second order beings due to this fact it’s totally different from adjustments in first order of beings. In first order adjustments, an individual’s spirit is overruled by one other spirit which is the case of demon possession. In second order adjustments, an individual’s spirit stays the identical however his thoughtforms and personalities have shifted in his psychological hierarchy.

God is a zero order being and a primary order being. The zero order is the common side and the primary order is the non-public side. The sovereign or most excessive persona of God is the trinity. The trinity is the acutely aware side of the God Thoughts. It’s the trinity that determined to create all different first order beings as divine elements of God. The Most Excessive consciousness which can also be the Divine Ego exist in good concord with the unconscious side of the God Thoughts.

However one first order being that’s virtually as sovereign as essentially the most excessive persona conceived and believed in a plan to ascend into supremacy and grow to be because the dominant persona of the God Thoughts. If he had been to succeed, then he would grow to be the New God of the universe and rule all creation as he wills. When two personalities are vying for dominance, it creates a break up persona or schizophrenia in a being.

However when one persona is clearly in management whereas permitting the opposite to play itself out, it creates the phantasm of chaos when order is definitely behind it. This explains why sure individuals possess the good-guy/bad-boy persona combine that women discover so enticing and engaging. They’re unpredictable, mysterious and thrilling to work together with. You need to know who they honestly are, what makes them tick and what they’re actually as much as.

This additionally explains why the universe appears to be in chaos when there may be truly the next order behind the looks of chaos. Folks surprise why if there’s a God then why is not the whole lot good. They surprise who is de facto in management, God or Satan? God is ready to destroy Lucifer at first however he does not as a result of he’s permitting Lucifer to play out his grand plan to overthrow the Godhead all through historical past in order to show that his concept is finally flawed and won’t succeed it doesn’t matter what situation he makes an attempt to make use of it in. That is additionally to show that God is eternally sovereign and better than all different beings. This additionally reveals God’s good knowledge and authorized system of judicial authorities.

Lucifer is aware of that the Godhead exists in essentially the most secure state as a trinity. For full notion, there needs to be a primary individual, second individual and third individual viewpoint. Since Lucifer plans to overthrow the trinity and exchange it with himself, he has to vary collective consciousness perception in regards to the trinity. Lucifer is one individual and never three, due to this fact he has created the brand new reality that the trinity is a single persona that performs three totally different roles at totally different instances. He needs to proclaim himself to be God who seems because the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in turns.

The trinity is the non-public side of God as three individuals. Every individual is within the different two. Wherever one is, all three is. None got here from the others however all three are begotten from the one consciousness of God within the nothingness. The function of the Father and Son are solely relational and never literal. Solely a trinity consisting of three totally different personalities can exist in a state of real love. Self love alone is meaningless. There must be one other to like.

The Father is the one who loves and the Son is the beloved. For like to be totally expressed, it additionally must be not directly expressed by sending a dwelling individual to speak your love to a different. The Holy Spirit is the self acutely aware spirit of that love. The identify of the Son has been exalted above each different identify as a result of he’s the final word expression of God’s love. Jesus is salvation for beings that had been separated from the Father. Jesus is the individual of real love, not Lucifer.


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