Oct 16, 2019
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Cruelty to Animals in the Name of Science

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Watching a video of a cat being experimented on in a College laboratory has made me sick. Animal cruelty is available in many alternative varieties and the ache they endure strikes me at my core. Human struggling is extra bearable as a result of we will yell and scream and make ourselves heard however animals are silenced as man does his worst to them. We marvel why God permits it and but why does something undergo?

My reincarnation and hyperlink to the Spirit of the Universe has made me aware of how flawed mankind is in the best way we expect and act. The Spirit is in management, nonetheless, and it permits this to go on simply because it allowed growth to happen that produced the Web, and all the opposite wonders of our time.

That doesn’t make it simpler for me to know all the things. Man is a grasp of invention and he at all times wants to find the unknown. The details are, nonetheless, that he solely ventures alongside the trail of his predecessors and individually they stand on one another’s shoulders to create new science and make some extent.

That is he manner when one research a course at College. Every thing said in essays or lectures has to have a precedent. Those that have plied the tracks of information are thought-about specialists whereas those that succeed them are their college students.

Finding out how animals behave below sure situations helps scientists to know the operate of nerves and physique organs. We owe lots to the creatures whose lives helped on this regard. The query is how a lot do they undergo, if in any respect, and what if nothing was ever undertaken to find out about ailments and different issues that we now rely on? Does that ease my ache when seeing a lab cat tortured – No! and nothing about it ever will.

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