Feb 10, 2020
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DIY Candle Making – Basic Equipment Needed

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The existence of candles may be traced method again the occasions of the traditional Egyptians. Again then, bull rushes had been dipped in tallow to create one. Afterward, the Romans modified the candle by utilizing a wick. Except for lighting houses, candles had been primarily used for rituals, worship and assist for evening travels. Even in the present day, they nonetheless play a big position in including solemnity to an event.

These days, candle making has change into a passion for many individuals. Its makes use of have prolonged to different functions – to loosen up and soothe the thoughts, to assist create a romantic atmosphere in a room, for meditation and lots of extra. An increasing number of individuals have change into fascinated about making candles from dwelling. So, for all DIY crafters on the market and for individuals who wish to be taught the artwork of candle making, here’s a listing of the essential gear you want.


There are such a lot of varieties of wax to select from – gel, beeswax, paraffin and much more.


A scale is required to weigh the wax and different substances to be able to get the fitting amount.

Moulds or Containers

The kind of mould you utilize would depend upon the sort of candle you wish to create. Steel cans are really helpful for rookies. Fancy moulds are bought in native craft shops.


The kind and measurement of the wick you select is a crucial consider candle making if you wish to create one which burns correctly. You should buy wicks pre-tabbed or pre-primed.


To color candles, you possibly can select from liquid dye, blocks or dye chips.


Wax must be melted as much as 190º F. The thermometer might be used to measure the wax you might be melting to make sure that you get the fitting temperature. You should utilize a sweet thermometer for this.


This might be utilised for wax melting. A scorching plate can be used as various.

Saucepans or Pitcher

This might be for melting the wax. The double-boiler technique is utilized by many individuals for candle making. To do that, merely fill half of a big saucepan with water then warmth it on a range. Fill a smaller saucepan with wax and place it contained in the heated massive pan.

Releasing Agent

Spray the agent on the mould earlier than including wax. Candles might be simpler to take away from the mould while you use releasing brokers, like vegetable oil.

Mould Sealer

It will seal the wick gap successfully and hold the wax from leaking out.

Different Provides

This would come with outdated newspaper (to cowl the work floor), latex gloves (for hand safety), rubbing alcohol (to scrub the saucepan earlier than it completely cools down) and paper towels.

Candle making can be utilized as a passion or for enterprise functions. As you change into acquainted with the method, you can begin experimenting with totally different sizes, colors, designs and fragrances.

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