Oct 14, 2019
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Health Is Wealth – A Conceptual Critique

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Individuals have completely different preferences in direction of out there life choices. Identical is true for the assertion “well being is wealth”. What precisely is it? A easy choice that signifies well being is superior to wealth? Or a complete assertion that signifies well being and wealth are linked with one another, systematically and dynamically?

Well being is a complete idea, it consists of bodily energy, psychological energy and spiritual-wellness of an individual. Alternatively, wealth is the richness of an individual i.e. abundance of cash and worldly gadgets. “Well being is Wealth” is an easy assertion however its that means is so fabulous when deeply thought. Individuals now a days refer the assertion as when an individual is wholesome, he’s able to making wealth. Quite the opposite, if one is just not wholesome he/she can not work productively, and therefore will not have the ability to generate revenue for impartial dwelling. This rationalization is true however the deep that means of this declare will be understood by the phrases of Virgil: “The best wealth is well being.” Mr. Virgil is making an attempt to enlighten the idea that the best wealth is well being, not cash or worldly gadgets. There’s nothing extra precious in our life than having a very good well being.

Patrick Meagher stated: “Some persons are so poor, all they’ve is cash.” These days persons are influenced by wealth improperly that they do not even care about their well being, the best wealth. They do not perceive that with out well being there is no such thing as a actual happiness and enviable success. An individual with poor well being is unable to benefit from the pleasures of life. I feel such persons are silly sufficient as a result of they don’t care about their well being. Our first precedence needs to be to take care of our well being in one of the simplest ways.

There are a number of strategies and practices by which an individual can keep wholesome; Spending time in pure atmosphere i.e. visiting parks and gardens. Bodily train can be important e.g. morning walks, taking part in sports activities, and so on., it retains an individual sensible and wholesome. Water is the treatment for all sorts of sickness, so drink water to remain wholesome and match. Consuming a balanced food regimen retains folks away from completely different sickness and ailments. It’s stated that: “Early to mattress and early to rise, makes a person wholesome, rich and smart.” Abandon unhealthy practices and habits e.g. smoking, ingesting and taking medicine as a result of it harms inner elements of our physique. At all times be optimistic and cheerful as a result of: “Laughter/smile is the very best drugs.” Quite the opposite, an sad individual is extra vulnerable to fatigue and different sickness.

Keep in mind, dwelling a wholesome life will be the best reward you can provide your self as a result of one can not get pleasure from life if he/she is unhealthy. As well as, we should not hurt our well being by working madly behind wealth. I want to conclude my essay on the good phrases of Mae West: “You solely reside as soon as, however should you do it proper, as soon as is sufficient.”

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