Healthy, Nutritious And Delicious Recipes For Your Toddler

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  • February 15, 2020
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healthy food for toddler



Healthy Nutrious Recipe Toddler : 


So as Parents, our focus all the time stays that our child ought to eat healthful meals. Quite the opposite, children are identified to be choosy eaters and making them eat one thing wholesome is a tough activity at instances. however we continuously search for recipes that can be healthy and can assist in growing child’s weight. So all of us shouldn’t rely solely on the kid weight chart to resolve if the infant is physically fit or not. Skinny doesn’t imply unhealthy and equally chubby is just not a definition of well being.

The true problem is to make nutritious meals selections and look interesting.

in addition to talked about are few meals objects which can be tasty and nutritious, utilizing these will put together a couple of recipes which your little ones will gobble down in a minute.



•Dry Fruits (Carefully)




•Ghee & butter (Carefully)


That is thought-about to be one of the nutritious and healthier first meals for toddlers. It’s straight forward to make and totally different may be simply integrated. It helps in weight acquire and simple to digest.


• Rice/Dalia (half cup),

• Moong Dal (half cup),

• Ghee (1tsp),

• Cumin Seeds (1/2 tsp)

• Greens: Carrot, tomato, spinach, bottle guard, potato (reduce into small items)

• Spices: Salt, pepper, and Turmeric

• Water (1 cup)

Cooking time: 15 to 20 minutes


first Choose, wash, and soak rice and dal in little water. second Put ghee or butter in a strain cooker and warm it up, put cumin seeds until it begins to splutter. If you want you can add a pinch of asafoetida as, it helps in digestion.  put all grains in a strain cooker and sauté it for some time. Add all  spices like salt, pepper, and turmeric let it simmer for a minute. Add rice and dal and 1 cup of water. Give a few whistles and Voila! An ideal meal is prepared for your child.




Combine oats powder, rice powder, sugar, salt, baking powder in a bowl. Pour milk into it and provide it a great stir. Next add a pan on the range and drizzle a few drops of butter. Soon add a ladle stuffed with ready batter and unfold it evenly in a round movement.

Prepare dinner it on medium flame from each side and switch in on a plate. Layer it with chopped and dry fruits,  spoon full honey on it .

Can use chocolate syrup infrequently to vary the style. Also Put a dollop of peanut butter on the prime of a pancake, drizzle some chocolate syrup and serve it to your little ones.