Heritage of Nagarathars

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  • February 12, 2020
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Origin of Nagarathars (600 AD – 1100AD)

Nattukottai Chettiars settled within the city of Kaveripoompatinam (Poompuhar) in the course of the Chola Kingdom on the request of the Chola King. The principle motive for the request was, Nattukottai Chettiars have been sensible enterprise folks.

Chettiars have been profitable seafaring retailers and merchants and lived within the port metropolis (Nagaram) of Poompuhar and needed to be referred as Nagarathars to tell apart them kind the Chetty merchants who lived inland. They flourished and as profitable businessmen, the wealth and prosperity grew quickly which precipitated jealously amongst many together with the Chola King.

Love affair

Through the rule of King Poovandhi Cholan, an incident occurred that occurred to be the turning level for all nagarathars. The King fell in love (one sided affair) with a younger stunning nagarathar lady and needed to marry her. However the lady and her mother and father refused.

The King was very cussed, introduced a marriage date and ordered to proceed with the wedding. When the king arrived on the brides’ place on the day of the wedding, he had a shock, the lady, her mother and father and relations fled the earlier evening. The King felt that it was an insult and vowed revenge in opposition to all the Nagarathar group.

Pandya King’s Welcome

Unable to tolerate the torture of the Chola King, the Nagarathars determined to depart, however the place? That was when the Pandya King got here to their rescue. Recognizing their skills and their enterprise acumen he welcomed them to his Kingdom close to Madurai. Pandya king gave them collectively the land of Chettinad and that is the place presently all of the nagarathars have constructed their house and is unfold throughout 80 villages.

Development interval (1100 – 1800AD)

Throughout this era, the nagarathars flourished and continued their commerce. They have been excellent bankers, and their enterprise unfold throughout South East Asia. When British conquered Burma, there was a fantastic demand for rice in Europe. An act that was handed in the course of the British Rule gave the title of possession to the Burmese in the event that they cultivated the land and paid taxes. As a consequence of this act supplied the locals to mortgage to purchase seed and fertilizer however who financed them? That is the place the Nagarathars got here in; they have been good in finance commerce and provided very low rates of interest. When Burmese didn’t pay the mortgage, they acquired their lands.

Rise after the Fall

Fall of British Emprire, World conflict – 2 and Burmese freedom, all led to the lose of the nagarathars’ belongings abroad and so they needed to return to the house land. Although they misplaced fastened belongings overseas, they’d transferred funds again to Chettinad. After the return, they began to take a position massively in South Indian Trade that included Training, Engineering, Fertilizers, Movie, Finance, Plantations, Publishing, Textile, and so forth.


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