How to do sex after marriage in Islam

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  • January 28, 2021
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how to do sex first time without feeling pain

There are not any express tips and authorized tips each in foreplay or in intercourse. The one authorized tips and tips are these reached by the lovers by mutual and typically unspoken understanding. Regardless of is nice and satisfying to every the husband and the partner is true and proper; and regardless of is mutually displeasing is flawed. The one limitation to this fundamental rule could be any Shariah rule which inserts in opposition to the needs of the husband or the partner.

Foreplay is Extraordinarily Actually useful

Islam emphasizes on foreplay. Imam ‘Ali (A.S.) says, “As soon as you plan to have intercourse alongside along with your partner, do not rush because of the lady (moreover) has needs (which have to be fulfilled).” 
Intercourse with out foreplay has been equated to cruelty. The Prophet (S) said, “Three people are cruel: …a person who has intercourse collectively together with his partner sooner than foreplay.” 
One different hadith equates intercourse with out foreplay to animal conduct: “When anyone of you has intercourse collectively together with his partner, then he should not go to her like birds; as a substitute he have to be sluggish and delaying.” 

As for the perform of a girl in sexual foreplay, the Imams (A.S.) have praised a partner who discards shyness when she is alongside together with her husband. Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (A.S.) says, “The proper woman amongst you is the one who discards the armor of shyness when she undresses for her husband, and locations on the armor of shyness when she apparel up as soon as extra.” In any case, modesty and chastity in public is the hallmark of a Muslim lady.
These sayings clearly current that the husband and the partner ought to essentially really feel totally free after they’re engaged in mutual stimulation which known as foreplay. There’s nothing flawed, in response to Islam, for a girl to be vigorous and responsive all through intercourse. As for the Islamic Shariah, the entire mujtahids are unanimous in saying that the act of sexual foreplay in itself is mustahab (advisable). Likewise, it is endorsed to not rush into sexual exercise. The operative phrase is mutual pleasure and satisfaction.

Methods of Foreplay

As far as the methods of mutual stimulation in foreplay are concerned, the Shariahallows the husband and the partner to see, kiss, contact, scent and stimulate any part of each other’s physique. Resulting from this truth, oral intercourse, because it’s acknowledged, is allowed. Imam Musa al-Kazim (A.S.) was as quickly as requested, “Can a person kiss his partner’s vagina?” The Imam (A.S.) said, “No draw back.” 

The one restriction is that no abroad object have to be used. The restriction on utilizing abroad objects is based on the subsequent hadith. ‘Ubaydullah bin Zurarah says that he had an outdated neighbor who owned a youthful slave-girl. Resulting from his outdated age, he could not completely fulfill the youthful slave-girl all through sexual exercise. She would subsequently ask him to place his fingers in her vagina as she appreciated it. The outdated man complied alongside together with her wants although he did not like this idea. So he requested ‘Ubaydullah to ask Imam ‘Ali ar-Reza (A.S.) about it. When ‘Ubaydullah requested the Imam (A.S.) about it, the Imam (A.S.) said, “There isn’t a such factor as a draw back as long as he makes use of any part of his private physique upon her, nonetheless he should not use one thing other than his physique on her.” 

Though masturbation (i.e., self-stimulation of 1’s private sexual organ till emission of semen or orgasm) should not be allowed, inside the case of married people, there is not a draw back if the partner stimulates her husband’s penis till the emission of semen or the husband stimulates his partner’s vagina till orgasm. That’s allowed because of it would not come beneath “self-stimulation”; it is stimulation by a lawful affiliate.

Sexual Intercourse

Is there any express place for sexual exercise which is forbidden in Islam? No! As far as the important coital positions are concerned, there are not any restrictions. The time interval ‘basic coital positions’ denotes the positions typically known as the individual above, face to face, woman above face to face; side place, face to face; rear-entry place throughout which the husband penetrates the vagina from the rear. Actually, the Shariah has left it on the husband and the partner to find and experiment as they want.
However, it is makruh to undertake a standing place, or to face the qiblah or keep it on the underside in the middle of the intercourse. It is advisable to refrain from the acrobatic positions given by some sexologists of the East and the West which may even set off bodily damage. Take note, the important rule is mutual pleasure and flexibility. If one affiliate would not like a particular place, then the other must yield to his or her feelings.
It is extraordinarily emphasised that on the commencement of intercourse the companions must recite Bismillaahir Rah’maanir Rah’eem (Inside the title of Allah the Beneficent, the Merciful).

Anal Intercourse

The opinions of our mujtahids differ on the permissibility of anal intercourse. The overwhelming majority of the Shi’ah mujtahids have derived two conclusions: (1) that anal intercourse should not be haraam nonetheless strongly disliked (karahatan shadidah) provided the partner agrees to it. (2) And if she would not conform to it, then all mujtahids say that it is precautionarily wajib to refrain from it.
However, during the last decade of his life, Ayatullah al-Khu’i departed from the majority view and gave the ruling that it was precautionarily wajib to abstain from anal intercourse no matter whether or not or not the partner agrees to it or not.
Maulana Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi says, “I would strongly advise in opposition to anal intercourse,” and quotes the saying of Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (A.S.) and Imam ‘Ali ar-Reza (A.S.) about anal intercourse: “Woman is a method of your pleasure, subsequently do not damage her.” 


After the intercourse the companions may first wipe their genitals with clear objects of cloth. It’s instructed that the an identical materials/towel shouldn’t be utilized by every of them.

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