How to Start a Scooter the First Time

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  • February 7, 2020
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The scooter was obtained and assembled, now lastly to the lengthy awaited second, beginning the scooter. The urge to stay the important thing within the gap, press the button and listen to the engine purr is near irresistible…

Nevertheless it should be resisted. Although above could sound preferrred, just isn’t the case. Think about a automotive that was parked for six months; it could not begin at first attempt. On this case we’re speaking a couple of scooter that will have been sitting for six or extra months along with having traveled by sea for two or Three weeks; carburetors love contemporary salty marine air.

This text goals at guiding first time scooter homeowners to correctly begin their scooter with out blowing something out.

Dos and don’ts:

1. If the scooter is 50 or 150cc, do not attempt the electrical begin; at first kick begin solely

2. Don’t, beneath any circumstance, attempt to soar begin the scooter

3. Keep away from utilizing a charger. The engine will recharge the battery when it’s began. If a charger is used, insure it’s a motorbike charger set to not more than 2 amps

4. If the scooter is provided with an alarm, don’t attempt the alarm or the distant begin till the scooter began

5. Purchase the most costly gasoline and fill the gasoline tank all the best way up

6. Don’t use any gasoline components or carburetor cleaner resolution

7. As soon as the scooter is began, be able to experience it for at the very least 15 minutes to cost the battery – letting the engine cost the battery is by far the very best

Do not forget that a brand new battery may be very fragile. If it runs all the best way down, it could get everlasting broken in addition to injury different elements such because the fuse, voltage regulator and / or the CDI unit. To be able to shield the battery and the opposite elements, all 50cc and 150cc scooters needs to be first began with the kick begin then attempt the electrical begin a pair instances as described beneath.

Since most 250cc scooters do not have a kick begin, 250cc scooter homeowners ought to comply with the electrical begin process.

Kick begin process:

1. Fill the gasoline tank all the best way up with the very best gasoline out there

2. Put the bike on the middle stand

3. Examine that the kill change is pointed in direction of the circle, not the X

4. If the scooter got here with distant, click on the UNLOCK two consecutive instances

5. Flip the important thing to the on place

6. Speed up all the best way and preserve throttle open of 1 second, repeat Three instances

7. Unfold the kick-start; gently push it down along with your foot half means

8. Let the kick begin come again up

9. Kick the kick begin vigorously Three or Four instances in a row ensuring the starter goes all the best way down and comes all the best way again up each time

10. Then carry on accelerating all the best way (step 6) and kicking all the best way a number of instances (step 9)

11. Don’t speed up whereas kicking

Attempt the electrical begin solely AFTER having tried to start out the bike as described above with the kick-start.

Electrical begin process:

1. Comply with steps 1 to six within the kick-start process above

2. Maintain the rear brake

3. Gently flip the accelerator to pickup the slack; don’t speed up, simply maintain the slack

4. Press the beginning button for Three seconds and let go

5. Speed up all the best way and let go, maintain any slack within the throttle

6. Press the beginning button for Three seconds and let go

7. Let the electrical begin motor quiet down for 30 or 40 seconds and repeat the steps above yet one more time.

Overheating the electrical begin motor may additionally injury the scooter by blowing the starter motor, the fuse and different electrical components.

If the bike didn’t begin, don’t attempt the electrical begin process greater than 2 instances; slightly return to the kick begin process and repeat it 2 or Three instances. It might take a number of tries, most bikes begin on the 2nd or third attempt.

If all else fail:

Some scooters my have a tough time beginning. This can be on account of a number of components. In 90% of the circumstances, the failure to start out is because of no or inadequate gasoline attending to the carburetor. The best technique to test and treatment this, is to prime the carburetor manually:

1. Open the seat

2. Unscrew the carburetor entry panel screw (normally a single screw)

3. Take away the entry panel and find the carburetor

4. The highest of the carburetor appears to be like like a steel dome with 2 screws holding it

5. Take away the two screws from the highest of the carburetor

6. Put Three to Four spoonfuls of gasoline straight contained in the carburetor

7. Exchange the highest of the carburetor and safe with the two screws

8. Comply with the electrical begin process provided that it was not adopted greater than Three instances; in any other case kick-start

If the scooter doesn’t begin after the above, these with restricted mechanical data and people who know simply sufficient to be harmful are inspired to contact the tech help division of the scooter seller the place the acquisition was made or search recommendation from knowledgeable motorbike mechanic.


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