Impact Of Non-Verbal Communication

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  • February 14, 2020
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Regardless of how a lot one can attempt one cannot not-communicate. Communication will be categorized as Verbal and Non-Verbal. Verbal Communication is thru phrases and speech; whereas; Non-Verbal communication doesn’t contain speech or phrases, it is a wordless message acquired by way of the medium of gestures, indicators, physique actions, facial expressions, tone of voice, color, time, area, fashion of writing, selection of phrases, clothes and coiffure.

Researches in communication counsel that many extra emotions and intentions are despatched and acquired non-verbally than verbally. Mehrabian and Wienerfollowing steered that solely 7% of message is distributed by way of phrases whereas remaining 93% is distributed by way of non-verbal expressions (55% by way of facial features, physique language, gestures and 38% by way of tone of voice, inflection). Thus, the analysis counsel that non-verbal communication is extra instinctive, highly effective, requires deep considering, aware efforts and is extra real. Training Psychologist Marilyn Maple says, “When you’ll be able to consciously “learn”, what others are saying unconsciously, you’ll be able to take care of points at work and at house earlier than they flip into full blown issues.”

Non-Verbal Communication will be categorized as KINESICS LANGUAGE (Use of Physique Language which incorporates facial features, eye contact, gestures, appearances); PROXEMICS LANGUAGE (Use of House Language, Surrounding and Atmosphere); TIME LANGUAGE (Efficient Time Administration); SIGN LANGUAGE (Use of Visuals, Audio/ Sound) and HAPTICS LANGUAGE (Use of “Contact” Language)

In response to Dr. Pradeep Moonot, “Many occasions we are likely to convey our emotions by smiling, patting, shouting, frowning and even by utilizing completely different tones, gestures and facial features to provide a deeper that means to our sentences. Individuals talk by the way in which they stroll, stand and sit. Constructive Postures and Actions are frequent indicators of self-confidence, power, standing, angle, affective temper, approval and heat”. Whereas; Dressing identifies intercourse, age, socio-economic class, faith, standing, position, group membership, event, character, temper and bodily atmosphere.

Accent, Intonation, Pitch, Pace of Supply and Readability are components attributing to non-verbal communication. Because the Proverb says, “It’s not what we are saying that counts, however how we are saying it”, displays the importance of vocal intonation. Some phrases or phrases can have completely different meanings relying on how they’re stated. Distinction in loudness, pitch, mood, price, inflection, rhythm and enunciation all relate to the expression of assorted feelings.

The saying, “A Image is price a thousand phrases”, properly describes the that means of facial expressions which can be intentional or unintentional. Nonetheless, essentially the most dominant and dependable options of the face are the Eyes and Smile – The Eyes offers a relentless channel of communication. They are often shifty and evasive, convey hate, concern and guilt, or categorical confidence, love and assist; whereas; Smiling is a Constructive, Highly effective cue that transmits happiness, friendliness, heat, liking, affiliation and affection.

Lastly, the significance of Non-Verbal Communication is rightly defined by Nancy Austin, a administration marketing consultant, “When individuals do not know whether or not to consider what they’re listening to or what they’re seeing, they attempt to observe the non-verbal language which regularly tells the reality. You’ll be able to play quick and get free with phrases, but it surely’s rather more tough to lose with gestures.”

Listed below are few TIPS for efficient Non-Verbal Communication:-

1. Make your self comfy, relaxed and attentive.

2. Preserve frequent eye contact; keep away from staring, obtrusive or trying away.

3. Management the Tone of your Voice.

4. Gestures shouldn’t reveal emotional frustrations.

5. Preserve a transparent Audible voice.

6. Preserve a pleasing and real Smile.


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