Ingredients and Technology in Redoxy Serum

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  • October 17, 2019
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Redoxy serum is a brand new product from Return Legacy Malaysia. It was launched to the market of South East Asia since March, 2014. Redoxy serum might be utilized from head to toe, and is appropriate for women and men, young and old, and even child and pregnant ladies. You is perhaps on the components and know-how that infused on this serum which might help folks to unravel a whole lot of pores and skin issues.

Redoxy serum consists of 9 main features; they’re hydrating, boosting, repairing, rejuvenating, brightening, firming, penetrating, anti-aging and reverse-oxidation. Her main 11 components are milk peptide, hyaluronic asid, allantoin, salmon peptide, alpha lipoic acid, collagen, development components, ascorbic acid, kojic acid, vitamin E and hydroxylated lecithin. The formulation of those components is from France nation. Apart from these widespread components, Redoxy serum is infused with micro-mineralized nutrient know-how (MMNT) from Japan!

What’s micro-mineralized nutrient know-how (MMNT)? This know-how has three main features when it’s infused into Redoxy. Firstly, this know-how is ready to fracture the molecule of vitamins into micro and near nano particles. When the particles of vitamins become very micro, our pores and skin can take up the vitamins simply and this result in excessive effectiveness of Redoxy serum. Tips on how to proof that the particles of nutrient inside Redoxy are very micro? A easy demo is to use and rub this serum beneath an individual’s arm, and you will notice modifications occur on her face. Sure, rubbing Redoxy on the arm, modifications occur on the face! The modifications on face embody lowering baggage beneath the eyes, lowering nasolabial folds, firming the pores and skin of face and generally firming the breast. These modifications can occur in only one minute!

The second perform of MMNT in Redoxy is reverse-oxidation. We heard about anti-oxidation, however what’s reverse-oxidation? Let’s have an apple for our experiment. After we minimize an apple, and go away it within the open air, it turns into yellowish coloration due to oxidation, proper? If we want to forestall the apple from oxidation, what we usually do is to clean with salt water, and that is anti-oxidation. Can we alter the yellowish apple again to the recent stage? MMNT know-how can try this! This reverse-oxidation functionality make Redoxy stand out from the crown and develop into an distinctive beauty product that may reverse-aging. Redoxy can flip an growing older face to youthful trying face!

The third perform of MMNT is to neutralize chemical components. Subsequently, Redoxy is free from chemical and really protected for use on child’s pores and skin and pregnant ladies. It’s protected to make use of on delicate pores and skin and in a position to enhance the situation of the pores and skin. The most effective outcomes might be obtained if Redoxy is used along with one other toner named H+.

As a conclusion, micro-mineralized nutrient know-how (MMNT) is a breakthrough know-how in beauty trade these days. Japan’s scientific researches show that MMNT know-how will deliver a whole lot of miracles to all folks, and can additional enhance the well being of human beings.


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