Feb 19, 2020
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Interview with Margaret Shontz, author of "Is Your House Making You Overweight, Sick or Tired?

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Welcome to Reader Views Margaret. It’s a actual pleasure to have you ever speaking to us about your discoveries {that a} main reason behind sick well being and stress is attributable to an exterior weight loss program.

Irene: The title of your ebook depicts a query we’d by no means consider asking ourselves – “Is Your Home Making You Obese, Sick or Drained?” Wow, why ask this query?

Margaret: First, Irene, I wish to thanks for this interview. I welcome the chance to share this life-saving info with you and your readers.

One ought to ask himself if his home is making him obese, sick or drained as a result of perhaps it’s. Ours

was, and as we glance again, our earlier home was additionally.

Twenty-five years in the past, every one among my members of the family was obese, sick or drained. I assumed the

trigger should be associated to what we had been or weren’t consuming so I began learning vitamin. I threw out

all the well being destroyers in my kitchen and had solely uncooked apples left! I modified our inside weight loss program, and

we had been higher for 5 years. Then we began having extra sodium signs, so for an additional two

years I studied the dietary literature making an attempt to find the supply of the surplus sodium. Then one

day whereas having a shower, I seen I used to be swelling up. That was it! There was 40# of salt affecting

our tub water and home air-that was the supply of our extra sodium! Two years earlier, we had

reworked our rest room and added a water softener to maintain the brand new fixtures mineral-free. That’s

what was giving us the surplus sodium signs!

As I went into different properties and public buildings, I turned conscious of different signs typically matching

the later-learned signs of the residents. That is one cause why inside diets don’t work for

very lengthy and cravings floor; the exterior weight loss program is affecting the physique’s steadiness of inside physique

chemistry. Additionally, if the exterior physique is being pulled outward, one should devour numerous meals to maintain

the interior physique an equal distance.

Irene: What all do you cowl in your ebook?

Margaret: I cowl over 125 potential family issues that is perhaps inflicting the residents to be

obese, sick or drained. I embody the results of many “invisible” stressors from a metallic headboard to

dryer sheets to some kinds of furnace filters to fuel leaks to improper electrical energy and lots of extra


Irene: What impressed you to write down this ebook?

Margaret: As I discussed above, my household and I spotted the exterior weight loss program had a significant affect on our

well being. I might inform others of our experiences, and they’d notice issues of their homes had been

additionally stressing their well being. They inspired me to write down the ebook to assist others.

Irene: I had the chance to assessment your ebook, and after a number of days of pondering all I might say

is “Wow, actually??” What’s the largest “wow” that individuals discover?

Margaret: Indisputably, the most important “wow” is the results of improper electrical energy.

Electrical energy is highly effective – it may well glow, warmth, cool, combine, spin, suck, wash, dry, entertain, print phrases, inform

time, elevate the heavy storage door, and rather more. Everybody is aware of in the event that they had been to the touch an electrical

wire, they might most likely get electrocuted. It ought to be no shock then that being a number of inches

away from improper electrical energy or inside improper electrical energy=s environ can have such a strong sick

have an effect on on the physique!

Irene: You go in-depth to make us notice that improper electrical energy negatively impacts our well being.

Please clarify to our readers your findings.

Margaret: First, let me clarify improper electrical energy as I take advantage of it in my ebook: Improper electrical energy is any

electrical energy that causes stress on the physique.

Statement of my physique was the primary indicator that improper electrical energy was an issue. I realized of a

$14 voltage detector that beeps and lights up when round voltage; it confirmed my physique=s

observations. Later, I reviewed an enormous quantity of literature on the topic. Twice-nominated

Nobel Peace Prize Robert O. Becker has accomplished very exact analysis. In his glorious ebook Cross

Currents he states, “. . . with any stage of voltage, the water inside the tissues will probably be subjected to

electrolysis, a course of wherein the water molecules are damaged aside . . . this produces gases corresponding to

hydrogen, which can be extraordinarily poisonous to cells . . . the onset of electrolysis . . . happens at about 1.1 volts.”

Even at that very low stage of voltage of 1.1 volts, there’s a very sturdy impact on one=s physique. This

could be one reason some individuals can’t drink water or eat moist or wetting meals; as a result of

consuming them would add to the physique=s fluid quantity.

Irene: You discuss with our properties as being sick. What are the key culprits that exist in most properties?

Margaret: I consider essentially the most main perpetrator in properties is, after all, improper electrical energy. Folks

consider that simply because the sunshine comes on and the fridge cools that their electrical energy is wired

accurately which isn’t essentially the case.

Subsequent can be the corrosive rod in a brand new scorching water heater which over time dissolves into the water. I

talked with one woman whose husband had been identified with throat most cancers simply two months earlier. I

requested her if they’d simply gotten a brand new scorching water heater. She answered they’d gotten a brand new one simply

a few months in the past!

Salt in family water softeners can have a significant affect on an individual=s well being. Everybody has

heard the warnings about extra salt within the inside weight loss program; these warnings additionally apply to the absorption of

salt externally from tub water and family air.

Warmth sources corresponding to furnaces, radiators, fireplaces, and and so forth. can have an amazing impact. I do know

of 1 model of furnace the place not solely was it put in incorrectly, but additionally it was engineered

incorrectly. Lastly after ten years, the engineers moved the situation of a component=s grounding wire from

the electronics board to the body of the furnace so in any case these years, it now seems to be

engineered accurately.

Break up receptacles which use a wall change to activate the electrical energy should not solely be wired accurately

but additionally used accurately. Break up receptacles ought to be outlawed!

After all, we should additionally not neglect that things like mercury dental fillings, vaccinations, aluminum

from aluminum cookware and a few deodorants, and fluoride toothpaste are additionally a part of our exterior

weight loss program.

Irene: You do notice that your info is forward of your time and many individuals could take into account your

info unfounded. What recourse do you’re taking to persuade them in another way?

Margaret: A medical physician conscious of my analysis has instructed me I’m fifty years forward of my time. I

take pleasure in being a pioneer. The stranger individuals assume it’s, the higher I prefer it as a result of it reinforces the

newness and uniqueness of the idea. When statement of your personal physique leads you to fact, that

is basically all that’s obligatory. Sadly, few individuals take time to watch their senses to attach

how they really feel with their exterior weight loss program. As a substitute they consider sick well being can solely be attributable to the interior

weight loss program, inherited components, one thing that’s “going round,” or “unknown” causes that medical

researchers have but to find. My analysis suggests most sick well being is just not hereditary; as a substitute, it’s

houseitary. The engineers and our technicians are our household’s well being care suppliers. In the event that they do their

jobs proper, we now have well being; in the event that they do their jobs incorrect, we now have sick well being. They know if somebody at

our home is sick, I name them as a substitute of a physician.

At this time many individuals pop meals, pop pop, pop tablets (over-the-counter, authorized, or unlawful medicine), purchase this,

purchase that, escape to right here, escape to there, and and so forth. simply to allow them to preserve going. They don’t take time

to note how they really feel when and the place. They’re so busy that typically delicate well being issues are

neglected. So I developed a Well being Stock Guidelines to assist them. They will use the outcomes of

this guidelines as a wake-up name. It’s free on my web site at []

In case your readers will begin noticing when and the place they really feel the perfect and the worst, in the end,

they are going to start to see patterns, and it’ll lastly daybreak on them their exterior weight loss program is inflicting their well being


Your readers could also be stunned how they really feel in the event that they unplug the little transformers which decrease voltage

corresponding to these discovered on some printers, video video games, answering machines, transportable telephones, and cell

telephones. The physique operates by itself electrical energy and should keep the correct stage.

Your readers could also be stunned how they really feel in the event that they unplug surge protectors which stage out

electrical energy. In any case, heartbeats are peaks and valleys; a straight line is demise. Readers may additionally be

stunned how they really feel in the event that they get rid of microwave indicators, ovens, transportable telephones, cell telephones,

cable/satellite tv for pc TV–which could make issues rigid. The guts and lungs particularly want to have the ability to

contract and develop. Take a look at somebody’s face who makes use of a mobile phone. Ceaselessly, the facet of the face

the place they place their mobile phone whereas speaking could be very rigid and has “previous age” strains.

It should be remembered no matter occurs to the home, occurs to its residents. One woman was

complaining about her grownup son having turn out to be so lazy; he simply wouldn’t get going. I defined to

her about improper electrical energy. She stated her son slept in a loft and had just lately put his laptop

immediately beneath his mattress! In at this time’s world, one’s conduct consists of 1’s true character

engulfed in stress. It is just when stress is eliminated that a person’s true character can seem.

Divorcing spouses will say their partner has modified. The partner didn’t change; as a substitute, stressors,

a lot of that are invisible, modified the partner.

Irene: Inform us about all of the analysis that you’ve achieved over the previous twenty-five years that has given

you the perception of our exterior weight loss program.

Margaret: I paid consideration to how I felt when and the place. And I had confidence in my physique=s

senses to warn me of risks. That’s the key.

First it was the swelling up from salt within the water softener. Once we bought a brand new scorching water heater, I

bought an “ulcer” feeling in my abdomen and an unpleasant inexperienced sore in my throat. Then when the Utilities

surge protector was on our electrical system, I realized about highly effective improper electrical energy. God gave

us our senses to maintain us protected; we should take note of after we really feel unhealthy and proper the state of affairs or

flee from it.

I’ve interviewed many specialists and technicians and have reviewed associated literature.

Irene: How do you intend we enhance our exterior weight loss program?

Margaret: First, we should notice it’s the exterior weight loss program that’s inflicting most of our well being and stress

issues. For instance, if a nail was protruding of a door body and members of the family scraped their

arms on it when strolling into the room, it will be apparent to not simply preserve placing band-aids on the

wounds however to pound the nail again into the door body. So it’s with most of our different illnesses; we

simply have to seek out the trigger (most likely within the exterior weight loss program) that’s inflicting the issue and get rid of it.

Often when there isn’t a interference (exterior or inside), the human physique can work simply wonderful.

When the reason for sick well being is eradicated, a remedy is just not wanted. I wrote my ebook as a checklistBhow

to seek out issues and easy methods to repair them. With this guidelines, home issues could be examined, one

downside at a time. As soon as your readers get rid of a stressor and spot their well being has improved, they

will need to end all of the gadgets listed within the ebook as quick as they’ll; it feels so good to really feel good!

Irene: Are you writing any extra books?

Margaret: Sure, I’m engaged on the ebook which has the identical title as my web site: Stress-Free

Residing at Your Fingertips. It explains easy methods to take away stressors from the interior, exterior, and non secular

diets. For it is just when stressors are eradicated that the physique can perform because it was initially and

splendidly designed.

Thanks once more, Irene, for the chance to share this info. I want you and your readers nicely.

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