Oct 18, 2019
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Meaning and Nature Of Mathematics

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  • “Arithmetic is the Science of quantity and Area”
  • “Arithmetic is the Science of Measurement, amount and Magnitude.”

These definitions clearly point out that Arithmetic is an accepted Science which offers with the quantitative facet of our life and data.

  • Arithmetic has been acknowledged as one of many Central Strings of human mental exercise all through the centuries.
  • The Phrase “Arithmetic” has been utilized in two distinct and totally different senses. i.e. One as a technique used to resolve the issues of high quality, house, order and so forth. and the second as a set of legal guidelines or generalizations of truths which can be found.
  • Arithmetic is a device specifically fitted to coping with summary ideas of any form and there’s no restrict to its energy on this subject.
  • In different phrases, as in arithmetic we discover outcomes on the summary degree with the assistance of means of reasoning, subsequently arithmetic could also be considered a science of summary varieties.
  • As expressed by Hindi Mathematicians, “Arithmetic(Ganita) means the Science of Calculation.”

From the above opinions we embody that Arithmetic is a Science of High quality and Area. It offers with the questions and issues involving measurement, portion, space, time interval, distance and so forth. Additionally it is a science of calculation involving the usage of quantity and symbols.

  • It offers with the connection between magnitudes. It offers with Numerical a part of Man’s life.

On this manner it’s a Systematic, organized and actual department of science, which offers with summary ideas.


  1. Arithmetic, like the whole lot else that man has created, exists to fulfil sure human wants and wishes.
  2. The dominant mental curiosity of mankind reveals that, arithmetic appeals very powerfully to mankind.
  3. It includes man’s excessive cognitive powers.
  4. It has its personal language-signs, symbols, phrases and operations and so forth.
  5. It has its personal instruments like instinct, logic, reasoning, evaluation, development, generality and individuality and so forth.
  6. It helps in drawing conclusions and deciphering varied concepts and themes.
  7. Arithmetic is the science of inductive, deductive reasoning.

Inductive-reasoning means when a selected property is true in a adequate variety of instances, then we conclude that it’s going to true for all comparable instances.

Deductive-reasoning relies on axioms, postulates, self-evident reality, undefined phrases and definitions.

  1. “Arithmetic is a strategy to settle within the thoughts as behavior of reasoning.”
  2. Arithmetic can be utilized in two distinct and totally different senses i.e. (i) The reality which can be found and (ii) The strategies used to be taught reality.
  3. Arithmetic is of two types- Pure and Utilized Arithmetic

Pure Arithmetic offers with theories and ideas with out regard to their software to concrete issues.

Utilized Arithmetic is the sensible aspect of pure arithmetic.

That’s the reason every invention and discovery within the subject of bodily, organic or social sciences owe a lot to utilized arithmetic.

  • “It’s the science of quantity and house.”
  • “It’s the science of measurements, amount and magnitude.”
  • Rationality, accuracy, originality of considering, certainty of outcomes, switch of studying by way of similarity to the reasoning of daily life and verification are the important elements of arithmetic.
  • Arithmetic is an expression of the human thoughts displays the energetic will, the contemplative purpose and the need for aesthetic perfection. Its fundamental parts are logic and instinct, evaluation and development, generality and individuality.
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