My Chinese Recipes – Ancient Chinese Snack-Roasted Chestnut?

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  • October 18, 2019
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Roasted chestnuts are one of many historical Chinese language refreshments in our winter! After I was a child, it was very simple to search out the hawkers with their picket carts parked within the streets, working arduous with an enormous shovel to stir the chestnuts with huge pots of black sugar on a regular basis. The hawker should proceed to stir the chestnuts to maintain them scorching however they can’t be too scorching; in any other case, it could break the chestnut husks. Right now, it is extremely tough to search out these hawkers within the streets. Nonetheless, lots of Taiwanese & Japanese beverage producers have made the ready-to-eat roasted chestnuts that are packed in small packs, and we might simply encourage our reminiscence any time.

Can we make roasted chestnut at residence? Sure, we will merely roast the chestnut through the use of our microwave oven!


1. Boil the chestnuts for four minutes, drain them effectively.

2. Use ‘HIGH’ of the microwave oven to cook dinner for two minutes (2 minutes is good for 1 pound of chestnuts).

3. It’s achieved and able to serve!

Chances are you’ll ask are they actually style the identical as these roasted by hawkers with simply three easy steps?

Actually, it’s completely the identical. The reason being quite simple.

Firstly, the boiling course of helps to maintain the chestnut meat mushy.

Secondly, 2 minutes within the microwave oven takes away the moist of the chestnut husks, make them crispy. Nonetheless, the chestnut meat is protected by the water vapor layer between the husk and the meat; this makes the chestnut meat nonetheless in mushy and engaging.

Nonetheless don’t consider? Solely lower than 10 minutes, why not attempt?


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