Oct 17, 2019
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Name your Baby after a Goddess

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On the lookout for a novel identify on your new child lady? Look no additional than the traditional Greeks!

Greek mythology is stuffed with great tales and delightful names for ladies. Apart from being completely different, your daughter could have her personal goddess fable to go together with her identify.

Does your child lady appear critical and all figuring out? Does she appear like a little bit queen in her bassinette? The identify Hera will suit your queenly daughter, since Hera was the queen of all of the Greek goddesses and queen of heaven. Hera was the spouse of Zeus and the mom of many different goddess and gods equivalent to Ares, Hebe and Eris. She was the goddess of marriage and womanhood.

Possibly your infant makes fierce faces once you attempt to change her nappies and appears to know what you might be saying to her. Athena will be the identify for her. Athena was the Greek goddess of knowledge and the patron of Athens, a metropolis recognized for its tradition and knowledge. She is portrayed as a virgin warrior; powerful and delightful in addition to sensible. She was additionally nice at crafts equivalent to basket weaving and stitching.

Much like Athena is Artemis, the goddess of the hunt. Artemis cherished her canine and ran across the forests with fifty of them together with a bunch of wooden nymphs. She is the goddess of the moon, and coolly lovely. She was generally known as the protector of younger ladies. Her twin brother was Apollo. Does your daughter love her canine? Does she stare into the moon and smile? Possibly the identify Artemis is for her.

Calypso feels like a little bit lady who loves to bounce! Apart from having a reputation and a musical beat named after her, Calypso was a sea nymph, the daughter of a Titan named Atlas (the one holding up the earth). She figures within the story of the Odyssey when she beguiles Odysseus to remain on her island together with her and hold her firm for seven years. Calypso is normally portrayed as an unique determine and one identify that might go well with an uncommon child.

Is your infant all the time laughing and cooing? Does she have a sunny nature? The identify Thalia would match. Thalia was a goddess of magnificence and one of many three graces. Her identify meant good cheer. Or possibly her sister Euphrosyne, which means mirth would go well with her, though that identify is a mouthful, and doubtless could be powerful for a younger one to learn to spell!

Lastly, there’s Penelope. She wasn’t a goddess, however she was a girl of robust ethical character. She was the lengthy struggling spouse of Odysseus who stayed true to her man for a lot of, a few years, whereas he was out having adventures and flings with lovely ladies.

This text solely touches on the various names obtainable to make use of for naming your child lady taken from the traditional Greeks. Dive into any quantity of Greek mythology and chances are you’ll discover a identify you’re keen on, that’s distinctive and matches your particular lady.

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