Natural Remedies and Treatment For Meningitis

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  • October 17, 2019
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I’m scared to dying about meningitis. My three-year-old daughter had her meningitis C vaccination final December however, in accordance with our GP, the extra widespread and lethal kind is meningitis B. Nonetheless, the vaccine for this isn’t accessible within the UK, apparently as a result of it is too costly. Please may you give me some recommendation.


The mind is filled with gentle cells, that are extremely specialised and really delicate. They’re protected by the cranium, the membranes that cowl the mind and the spinal twine,and by cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), a saline answer stuffed with glucose, oxygen and a few white blood cells. There’s additionally the blood-brain barrier which protects the mind from chemical harm. Generally, nonetheless, it’s unable to carry out this function due to the sheer quantity of poisons.

The meninges are the membranes masking the mind, that are stuffed with blood vessels. Meningitis is the irritation of the meninges. There are two causes of meningitis: viruses and micro organism Viral meningitis is debilitating however not as extreme as bacterial meningitis, which is much less widespread however may be deadly. Essentially the most regular causes of meningitis in youngsters are two micro organism: Hoemophilus influenzae and Neisseria meningitidis. N meningitidis, which causes meningococcal meningitis, is the most typical kind, accounting for about half the instances within the UK. Most kids beneath the age of six with meningitis was once affected by H influenzae kind B (Hib) however after the Hib vaccination was launched in 1992 this pressure, turned uncommon. N meningitides A, B and C are the most typical right here. Epidemics are normally attributable to N meningitidis kind A or C.

I do not administer vaccinations, however I’m informed by the Meningitis Belief (see under) and the Division of Well being that, opposite to what your physician appears to have mentioned, efficient vaccines for N meningitidis kind B are nonetheless some years away. Vaccination towards N meningitidis kind C and Hib are routine within the childhood immunisation programme. (A booster jab towards Hib has simply been launched for youngsters aged between six months and 4 years.)

The micro organism are extremely poisonous. They assault the nasal tract and invade the bloodstream. Their principal goal is the mind. Once they attain the blood-brain barrier, they destroy the defence system, enter the CSF and assault the mind cells. Because the an infection spreads, the fluid turns into pus-like, with white blood cells, proteins and additional fluid all attempting to battle the an infection. As a result of the mind is affected, the affected person will get all types of neurological signs, together with complications, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, seizures, cramps, blurred imaginative and prescient, lack of sensation within the physique and even coma. Victims might get Bell’s palsy and/or extreme tightness of the neck muscle groups. As a result of it’s a poisonous an infection, the temperature soars and pink spots with small dots of useless tissue within the centre seem on the physique two or three days after the an infection takes maintain.

Medical doctors diagnose meningitis by testing the spinal fluid, and probably blood cultures. It is a harmful an infection and there’s no different remedy. If there may be any suspicion of meningitis, a physician have to be consulted instantly and antibiotic remedy administered in case of want.

Nonetheless, I at all times suggest that oldsters enhance their youngsters’s probabilities towards all sickness, together with meningitis, by conserving them wholesome and boosting their immune system.

Listed below are my recommendations

* Do not let youngsters get drained out; put them to mattress early each evening and keep away from an excessive amount of TV and pc use.

* Kids ought to eat carrots, celery and cucumber often however have citrus fruits (or juices) solely as an occasional deal with.

* Practice youngsters to keep away from meals containing yeast (pizza and bread particularly) and extra sugar( sweets, ice cream, chocolate, muffins, biscuits, and many others). These trigger them to bloat and turn into hyperactive in order that they tire simply.

* Be sure they’ve good-quality protein, together with eggs (boiled), fish, rooster and meat (ideally all natural) to encourage development.

* Therapeutic massage youngsters at bedtime with Junior Therapeutic massage Oil to spice up their power; make your personal with one tablespoon of candy almond oil and 4 drops every of eucalyptus, lavender, ginger and juniper important oils.

* Give youngsters Vitasorb Multivitamins, six drops every day, and Nutrisorb Liquid Hint Minerals – one or two drops every day, in a cycle of three months on, then one month off.

* Give youngsters of three and over the energy-boosting natural complement Bioprash 3 times weekly – one teaspoonful with one teaspoonful of manuka honey and slightly water. Signs are described in full on the Meningitis Belief web site, or name their 24hour helpline on 0845 6000 800.


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