Oct 15, 2019
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Natural Selection Misfires Sometimes

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There are in fact nonetheless prehistoric varieties hanging round. Some issues even extinction doesn't need: Nematodes for one. We discovered a couple of hundred of them in a soda can. We recycle aluminum cans for nickels. These guys had been gross! How do they do it? Do they want a soda can? Impulsively are there only a hundred of them? Gross! We simply poured 'em out they usually simply stored coming. I understand how snails do it; I seen 'em. They acquired no sexes. You be the male at the moment they are saying. Can't be too pleasurable. Like I mentioned we recycle. Slugs don't like soda pop, they like beer. However they by no means be taught. They get drunk actual simple and die and switch into slime. Gross! They usually don't all the time pour out so good. They get caught on the pull-tab half means out. Gross! Bought sidetracked. Some issues even extinction don't like. Alligators and crocs are prehistoric, proper? -However I perceive that higher than nematodes.

Not less than gators are on high of their meals chain. Sharks, isn't too arduous to know why they’re still-around-prehistorics too. On high they’re additionally. I used to like shark steak. They’re filled with mercury now as a result of they’re on high of the meals chain. Even good previous tuna (steaks-great stuff), filled with Omega three however can't eat it. Bought sidetracked. All of that bizarre stuff in Madagascar. What would extinction need with that stuff? They are saying it's all fragile and indigenous or one thing. I wouldn't need all that loopy stuff. Us, I believe extinction's gonna like. Are you able to think about us lasting so long as the dinosaurs did? We're not so robust. Not precisely on high of the meals chain in comparison with crocs and sharks. We expect we’re; dream on artificiality. One factor we’re is self-destructive. An excessive amount of mind doin 'an excessive amount of nonsense besides surviving. Management-Alt-Delete. We're getting there fast. We by no means be taught, get drunk very easy too, like slugs. Not less than I hope that we received't get caught on the pull-tab after they pour us out. Hope there's a hospital close by if we do. Don't need to flip to slime. Ashes can be higher. Simply blowin 'within the wind is nice.

Nicely a minimum of the Cleveland Cavs lastly did something-got the NBA report for losses in a row. And I hear you can drink proper out of Lake Erie once more. Now the dangerous news-I simply reread Robinson Crusoe for the primary time for the reason that 1960s. Not that a lot of it’s about his man Friday! One other childhood phantasm shattered! Drat. As Captain Beefheart mentioned, "It's a tough life I'm livin ', nicely nicely." Didn't he imply oh nicely? Oops, acquired sidetracked.

Darn, I simply came upon nematodes aren't normally conical. So what had been these issues? Nicely I stand by this-Gross! And prehistoric they had been.


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