Feb 6, 2020
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Own A Feline? Beware Of These 5 Common Cat Health Problems

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If you’re a cat proprietor, it’s possible you’ll or is probably not conscious that felines endure from well being issues too. Whereas a few of these issues are simply preventable, there are others that are hereditary and therefore can’t be prevented.

Nonetheless, it’s good that you’re conscious of those 5 frequent cat well being issues:

1. Cat viruses

You could not have heard of those however cat viruses do exist. Some frequent ones are Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP), Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) and Feline Leukemia Virus (FLV).

FIP is a really critical illness that’s associated to Corona virus. There isn’t a recognized therapy for Feline Infectious Peritonitis though there’s a vaccine for FIP. Nonetheless, many veterinarians and scientists say that it isn’t very efficient. Thankfully, this illness isn’t as straightforward to catch as another ailments.

FIV, or cat AIDs, doesn’t unfold to people and isn’t at all times deadly both. So there isn’t any worry of you or your member of the family catching it.

FLV – you’ll be able to stop it if the cat has not been uncovered to the virus earlier than being immunized. Though not at all times deadly, someway cats with FLV don't stay lengthy.

2. The Hairball

What’s the Hairball? This can be a frequent cat well being drawback that comes about as a result of from cats always groom themselves with their tongues and swallowing hairs! The swallowed hair can type right into a ball as a substitute of passing by way of the cat's physique, thus providing you with a hairball. In case your cat begins coughing and hacking, she could have a hairball. How do you stop you feline from affected by hairballs issues? Groom her continuously to take away free hair and feed her meals that helps management hairballs.

3. Urinary Tract An infection

This an infection is quite common in un-neutered male cats however feminine cats may also develop it. For those who discover your furry buddy instantly stopped utilizing her litter field, she could have a urinary tract an infection. If her urine smells robust, you positively ought to suspect a urinary tract an infection. Your vet can deal with such a infections.

4. Ticks

You need to be conscious of your cat getting ticks if she spends a number of time outdoor. If she has been appearing torpid or transferring slowly and appearing as if she was in ache, search for ticks on her physique. For those who discover some, ask your veterinarian to check her for Lyme Illness which is a illness that’s transmitted to individuals and animals by ticks


Worms – Roundworms, tapeworms, and hookworms are the most typical sorts that may infect the feline species. In case your feline buddy appears unable to placed on weight or is infested with fleas or has white specks that appear like grains of rice in his stools, you must take her to the vet to check for worms instantly. Don't fear, your vet can treatment worms with just a few doses of medicine however you should keep in mind that worms can show deadly if left untreated.

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