Possessiveness and Its Tragic Effects on Marriage

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  • February 11, 2020
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Possessiveness in marriage is the need to dominate or management each facet of a partner’s life. It could be with regard to friendships and relationships, jobs, hobbies and even programmes that may be watched on TV. It will possibly result in coercive management of the opposite particular person, making the sufferer afraid to oppose such behaviour or do what she needs to do. Possessiveness is often attributed to males. However there are a lot of girls who additionally prefer to hold their husbands in a vice-like grip. Most likely the time period ‘hen-pecked’ displays this perspective.

A wedding was organized between a wise and sprightly younger pharmacist and an officer in a non-public financial institution. Although his options had been distorted by Bell’s palsy, the mother and father thought nothing of it. He had a gentle job with earnings and this ensured the safety of their daughter. Inside a couple of months, the woman was a tragic, morose and distracted girl. Her husband was possessive to the extent that she needed to give him an hour by hour account of her behaviour at work. He obstructed her progress professionally in several methods.

She couldn’t take part any social actions together with her colleagues. Three kids adopted in fast succession. The woman tolerated her husband’s behaviour for ten years. Then she absconded, leaving a word to say that except her husband went in for psychiatric therapy for his irregular behaviour, she would by no means come again once more. One remembers the nursery rhyme of “Peter, Peter pumpkin eater who married a spouse however could not hold her. So he put her in a pumpkin shell, and there he stored her very nicely.”

However the woman broke via the shell hollering “Do not you dare fence me in.”

Clearly, his facial deformity had given him a posh. He felt that except he managed his spouse, she could be untrue and even depart him. He misplaced her not due to his appears to be like however due to his behaviour. Well timed psychiatric intervention lastly led to a reunion.

Indicators of Possessiveness:

• Controlling a partner in order that she cows down and submits to his needs.

• Unfounded suspicion of her actions, who she meets and with whom she talks. Not simply her interplay with the other intercourse however even feminine friendships are suspect.

• Frequent cellphone calls to test on her actions.

• Socializing with buddies is completely prohibited.

• Selfishness for granted for the likes or dislikes of his partner.

• Spying on her actions via personal detectives.

Causes for Possessiveness:

1. Insecurity: Rising up in troubled households, deprivation of affection in childhood, desertion by mother and father might have created a deep-seated insecurity. He subsequently needs to carry on tightly to his ‘possession.’

2. Lack of belief within the partner.

3. Inferiority Advanced: A partner could also be higher educated, and higher certified. She could also be holding an essential job and drawing a wonderful wage.

4. Borderline or acute character problems: Those that endure from Schizophrenia or Bipolar problems are liable to insecurity and possessiveness.

5. Egocentricity and selfishness. He can’t assume past his personal comforts.

6. Jealousy could also be covert or open.

7. When love turns into an dependancy, the love object turns into an obsession.

Results on the sufferer:

– Frustration and resentment in opposition to the intimidating partner.

– Could retreat socially or vocationally.

– Self deprecation and lack of self-worth.

– Despair.

– Need to flee from the partner’s clutches.

Learn how to forestall possessiveness:

Two most essential parts which are required for a steady marriage are Love and Belief. This requires a correct understanding of the completely different roles of spouses in a relationship. Particular person variations have to be revered. Although the wedding dedication does supercede some particular person rights, it shouldn’t destroy all particular person rights. Every one should have the liberty to develop private expertise and pursuits. Spouses ought to be allowed to have buddies of the identical gender.

M. Scott Peck calls the failure to understand the separateness of the opposite as narcissism.

“Love is separateness,” he says, “The real lover perceives the beloved as somebody who has a very separate identification. The real lover encourages this separateness and the distinctive individuality of the beloved.”

Every particular person wants bodily and psychological area if they’re to perform to full capability. One partner can’t be an extension of the opposite. There ought to be time for buddies and time for hobbies. Nevertheless, there have to be mutual settlement on how a lot time will be spent on separate actions. Time spent aside doesn’t drive them away from one another. Every little absence from the beloved makes the center develop fonder.

“Separateness enhances the wedding relationship,” says Scott Peck.

Generosity permits companions to take real delight within the success of their companions. They need to encourage and mutually assist one another.

Learn how to overcome possessiveness:

• Uncover the basis of your insecurity. Do you have got an inferiority complicated about your background or your job?

• Are you afraid of shedding possession of your partner? Talk your emotions and fears to your accomplice and clear the matter. You will discover that your fears are unfounded.

• For any relationship to outlive and develop, there have to be mutual belief and open communication.

• Overcome selfishness and provides your partner area to develop.

• Keep in mind that possessiveness is a horrible type of abuse. It can’t be referred to as love. “Love all the time protects, all the time trusts, all the time hopes, all the time perseveres” (I Cor. 13:6).

• Although marriage is a authorized bond it doesn’t imply enslavement of the partner.

• Search skilled assist and counseling.

Recommendation for the Victimized:

– Do not count on others to battle your battles. Confront your partner, and retrieve your distinct identification.

– Do not tolerate abuse in any type. Higher to finish a harmful relationship.

Khalil Gibran writer/ thinker leaves us with this thought:

“Let there be areas between your togetherness and let the winds of the heavens dance between you.”

Relationships take time to develop. They need to be strengthened and nurtured by love and endurance, dedication and belief. Possessiveness results in manipulation via intimidation, coercion and even seduction, in order that the offender can have his manner. Somebody in contrast manipulation to witchcraft. Be it a husband or a spouse, one has no full authority to regulate one other.


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