Shrinking Penis Syndrome

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  • February 10, 2020
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Many males fret, unnecessarily, about their penis measurement. For many males, the priority is that their penises are smaller than they “ought to” be, however this fear would not intrude with their potential to guide wholesome, well-adjusted lives and stay sexually lively. However some males worry not solely that their members are small, however that they’re really shrinking. Whereas there are medical circumstances that may trigger the penis to retract, some males with good penis well being assume their organs are being pulled again into their our bodies. This psychological situation has a number of names, together with koro, shrinking penis and genital retraction syndrome.

Who Will get It?

Genital retraction syndrome can have an effect on each women and men – girls that suffer assume their vulvas and nipples are being drawn again into their our bodies. Individuals with this syndrome have intense anxiousness in regards to the suspected retraction, and a few consider that they’re going to die from it.


There isn’t a one positive reason behind koro, however a number of components might affect its improvement. It’s believed to have robust hyperlinks to tradition; although anybody can endure from it, it’s extra prevalent in Asia. Cultural myths, themes and beliefs about intercourse can affect one’s notion of his genitalia. There have even been episodes of mass hysteria involving koro, referred to as “penis panics,” through which a bunch of individuals concurrently assume their penises are shrinking.

An individual could also be extra prone to endure from shrinking penis syndrome if he has different psychological or bodily points with intercourse, together with:

– A perception that masturbation is shameful

– Emotions of sexual inadequacy

– Impotence

Koro is barely current when the unreasonable perception and anxiousness final for a protracted time frame or recur. If it is chilly out and a person notices his gear has shrunk, it isn’t essentially an indication of a psychological dysfunction if he feels a twinge of worry. But when he thinks his rod won’t ever return to regular, or, as soon as it does, he suspects that it is nonetheless retracted, then he has an issue.

Causes of Precise Shrinkage

A person additionally doesn’t endure from koro if a bodily situation is definitely inflicting the penis to retract or shrink. Such circumstances embrace:

– Stress: Muscle pressure brought on by stress can have an effect on the pelvic flooring muscle tissue, which connect to the bottom of the penis. If these are tense, they will exert a pull on the member and trigger retraction.

– Peyronie’s Illness: This situation is brought on by scar tissue that has constructed up across the erectile chambers of the penis, and it may be accompanied by shrinkage, ache and the lack to carry out.

– Clogged Arteries: This is not simply one thing that hurts the guts. A sedentary way of life and unhealthy eating regimen promote the buildup of plaque within the arteries, which disrupts blood move all through the physique, together with the penis. With out sufficient circulation, the member cannot lengthen to its true measurement.

– Smoking: Like plaque, smoking impacts the flexibility of blood to move freely all through the physique. Male people who smoke have been present in analysis to have shorter penises than non-smokers.


Treating genital retraction syndrome usually entails a mixture of psychotherapy and training. Data, together with bodily reinforcements comparable to measurements, can problem sufferers’ beliefs about penis shrinkage. In remedy, sufferers may fit with a therapist to discover potential origins of their beliefs, establish correlating circumstances and cut back anxiousness ranges.

Whereas obsessive fears about genital retraction represent a psychological dysfunction, there’s nothing incorrect with taking steps to assist optim
um penis well being as males age. Including a penis well being cream (well being professionals advocate Man1 Man Oil) to the care routine might help penile tissues keep robust and wholesome. Search for substances like Shea butter for easy pores and skin and vitamin C for circulatory assist. Such a cream will not make the penis greater, however it could actually assist the nerves, blood vessels and pores and skin cells within the member.

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