Symbols of Marriage in a Hindu Bengali Woman

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  • February 12, 2020
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Symbols of marriage are prevalent in all international locations and cultures. Nonetheless, in contrast to the marriage ring that’s worn by each the husband and the spouse within the West, Indian tradition has all kinds of marriage symbols that modify from one area to a different. It is usually to be famous that these symbols apply solely to ladies. Married males do not need to flaunt symbols to point out they’re married, since we stay in a patriarchal society. Nonetheless, symbols of marriage are thought of auspicious in each wedding ceremony, together with Bengali matrimony.

Whereas the mangalsutra is the frequent marriage image in northern India, Bengali married ladies differ on this case. With marriage, a Bengali girl earns three sorts of bangles: shakha, pola, loha, and a purple dye known as vermilion or sindoor. These bangles are to be worn on a regular basis by married Bengali ladies and vermilion utilized within the parting of their hair.

Significance of These Symbols

Shahkha are white bangles manufactured from conch shells that always include stunning carvings. Pola are purple in color as a result of these are manufactured from purple corals. These two bangles are the most typical marriage symbols for Hindu Bengali ladies, in addition to vermilion, and are purported to be worn on each arms. A girl is made to put on these bangles with the completion of the wedding ceremony and they’re meant to be worn for all her wedded life. The bangles are purported to keep off evil eye and produce good luck to each the husband and the couple’s married life. Since these bangles are very fragile in nature, care should be taken that they do not break within the first yr of marriage. In such a case, it’s thought of an unwell omen for the lady as a result of evil might befall her husband.

Loha is a bangle manufactured from iron and will also be coated with gold. That is worn on the left hand and is presented to a bride by her mother-in-law when she formally enters her marital residence. Vermilion is a purple dye that’s purported to be worn on the parting of her hair. Since purple is the color related to the married state of a girl, sporting sindoor reveals the world that she is already married and retains different males from making passes at her.

Relevance within the Fashionable Society

Marriage symbols are just for ladies within the Indian tradition since in our society ladies stop to belong to her father’s household as soon as she is married. To indicate that she now has a unique id, she must have these symbols of marriage on herself. These symbols are additionally supposed to maintain away unhealthy luck and evil.

Nonetheless, lots of at the moment’s trendy and liberated ladies desire to not put on these symbols. They might fully keep away from all of those or put on solely the loha. Sindoor can be used sparsely by Hindu Bengali ladies. With the evolution of society and the rising significance of ladies, these bangles have now was items of bijou and are present in numerous designs and kinds.


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