The DNA Question

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  • February 10, 2020
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What precisely is the DNA? That could be a query that baffles many, even when they imagine they’ve present in a pathway to the development of physique cell. Some name it deoxyribonucleic acid, and check with it because the constructing block of cell. However this seems to be half the story.

In my article on the Legal guidelines that Govern Creation, I famous {that a} completely different sort of spirit spark has rained down on the fabric world like meteoric showers, They’re by-products of the “pondering” of primordial beings-spiritual beings whose origin are larger than that of human beings. It’s like when wooden is burning and sparks are flying out from the flames.

These sparks rain down, however because it rains down in direction of the bodily world every spark covers itself with the fabric of every airplane it passes. By the point it reaches the earth, it’s a tiny spark with many coverings, every radiating its personal distinctive coloration. Therefore every has its personal radiation, and kind atoms. The mixture of those atoms to kind molecules give particular type of radiations for that specific molecule.

Therefore protein molecules like guanine and others mix in several methods to kind the DNA and RNA.

Now right here is the fascinating half. There are already in existence little elemental forces-call them beings-whose job is to construct the physique programs and organs. They don’t simply construct, however construct to specs. And the specification comes from the radiation despatched out by the sequence of proteins. These sequence is beforehand ordered by the soul that’s inhabiting the physique primarily based on sure criteria-karma, current choices,exterior or environmental affect, which incorporates the affect of the celebrities, and so on. Therefore the choice for the sequencing comes from the soul however the precise constructing comes from the little elemental beings.

The fundamental beings themselves should not bodily, therefore they don’t have such sequencing which is barely related on this planet of matter. So many issues that occur bodily don’t occur exterior the materiality of this earth. For instance, intercourse organs as it’s bodily discovered on earth doesn’t exist within the past. Therefore, there isn’t any intercourse within the past, and those that are fixated on it on earth will solely be sure to space that persons are having intercourse to fake to take pleasure in it, however they can not actually take part.

Quickly, a better data of drugs will emerge, which shall be majorly preventive, and docs will use the aura to find out a probably sick particular person, and a dietary recommendation and radiation manipulation of the aura coloration radiation will do the trick.


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