The Mythological Night Sky

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One of many highest honours any demigod, demigoddess, mortal male or feminine, or beast for that matter might be awarded in Greco-Roman instances can be to immortalized as a star or a constellation within the heavens. Here is a couple of of people who achieved that honour.

*Andromeda [see] Perseus.

*Aquarius, the Water-Provider: In Greek mythology, a younger good-looking lad was often called Ganymede. Ganymede is carried up in a whirlwind to Olympus by the gods to be a cupbearer for Zeus, or, in a extra erotic model, a servant of Zeus kidnaps him, or Zeus himself did the deed disguised as an eagle. The erotic upshot was that although Zeus favoured the women, goddesses, demigoddesses, even mortal girls, for a catamite change of tempo every now and then… Ganymede was rewarded for his companies by everlasting youth and immortality, ultimately positioned within the sky because the constellation Aquarius, the Water-Provider. See additionally Aquila.

*Aquila (the constellation) was as soon as an eagle owned by the Greek/Roman god Zeus/Jupiter who carried out many helpful duties for the King of the Gods, corresponding to carrying his thunderbolts and kidnapping the younger and good-looking lad Ganymede. See additionally Aquarius.

*Ara, the Alter: In historic Greek mythology, Ara was recognized because the altar, made by the trilogy of Cyclopes, an alter the place the Olympian gods first made choices and fashioned an alliance after they had been about to struggle the unique Titans to be able to turn into masters of the universe, or no less than masters of third rock from the solar – effectively, would you imagine an area area of the Mediterranean anyway.

*Arcturus, the Bear-Guardian [see] Ursa Main.

*Aries, the Ram: A younger lad, Phrixos (or Phrixus), son of the King of Thessaly, grew to become an unpopular stepchild after his pure mom died and the King remarried, a lady by the title of Ino. Ino had it in for Phrixos, and his sister (Helle) too. Ino organized for the grain harvest to be ruined, leading to a famine. She then bribed the Oracle at Delphi to foretell that solely the sacrifice of Phrixus to the gods would finish the famine. Simply earlier than the deadly throat minimize, a marvellous flying and speaking ram appeared, a present by Hermes to Phrixos’s pure mom, who I collect was in a position to ship it from her place within the afterlife. The flying ram spirited Phrixos (and his sister) away within the nick of time (however sadly the sister fell off in mid-flight and perished). When safely deposited in a brand new land, the native king welcomed Phrixos and naturally he ultimately married the king’s daughter. In gratitude for his salvation, Phrixos sacrificed the ram to Zeus, who then immortalised it within the heavens because the constellation Aries. The ram’s golden fleece was given to the king who hung it up in a tree guarded by a dragon, which ends up in one other slightly well-known story in Greek mythology – the search for the golden fleece.

*Asclepius [see] Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer.

*Auriga, the Charioteer: Phaethon, son of the solar god Helios, tried to show his manhood bona-fides by driving his father’s fiery chariot drawn by a crew of extremely spirited horses. He failed. When he ran uncontrolled, Zeus needed to shoot him down out of the sky. His lifeless physique plunged into the River Eridanus. Phaethon was changed into the constellation of Auriga, the Charioteer; even the River Eridanus achieved constellation standing beneath that title, stretching throughout the night time sky west of Orion.

*Bootes, the Ploughman: Dionysus, the god of wine and good instances, gave a wine department to a lowly farmer, Icarius, and taught him easy methods to develop grapes and make wine. The farmer shared a few of this wine with neighbouring shepherds, however they bought so intoxicated they killed Icarius. His daughter, Erigone, led by Dionysus’s devoted canine, Maira, uncovered the positioning the place the shepherds buried Icarius. The daughter distressed and in grief, hung herself. Even the canine died of sorrow. Dionysus cursed the locals. Many went mad and many ladies hung themselves in that state. When later they realized of the injustice that had prompted all of this, they lynched the unique shepherds. Dionysus immortalized the farmer as Bootes the Ploughman. The daughter grew to become the constellation Virgo, and Maira the canine – effectively he grew to become Canis Minor, the lesser canine.

*Callisto [see] Ursa Main.

*Most cancers, the Crab: Hera (Mrs Zeus) hated Hercules since he was a continuing reminder of her husband’s wandering methods when it got here to the alternative intercourse. Hercules second nice labour was to kill the multi-headed Hydra, however whereas that battle was raging a large crab entered the fray and had a go at Hercules too. So, Hercules needed to take care of the crab first. Hera was more than happy that the crab had attacked Hercules and thus she herself honoured the crab by inserting it within the heavens because the constellation Most cancers. I’ve seen an alternate model that had Athena place the crab within the firmament, however Hera appears the extra logical selection.

*Canis Main, the Better Canine [see] Orion.

*Canis Minor, the Lesser Canine [see] Bootes.

*Capricorn: In Greek mythology, this constellation is usually recognized as Amalthea, the goat that suckled the toddler Zeus after his mom Rhea saved him from being devoured by his father Cronos by spiriting him off to Crete and out of harms method. The goat’s damaged horn was remodeled into the cornucopia or horn of a lot.

*Cassiopeia [see] Perseus.

*Castor [see] Gemini.

*Centaurus, the Centaur: The traditional Greeks depicted the southern constellation as a centaur and gave it its present title. The title Centaurus nevertheless in mythology is usually given to not an precise centaur however to that deformed human who would later mate with mares and spawn the centaur race. Extra generally nevertheless, Centaurus is credited as being the primary centaur. See additionally Sagittarius.

*Cepheus [see] Perseus.

*Cetus, the Sea Monster (or Whale) [see] Perseus.

*Chiron, the Centaur [see] Sagittarius.

*Corona Borealis: Ariadne aided Theseus when he entered the labyrinth to slay the Minotaur by offering him with a ball of string which he unravelled as he made passage in by the maze and thus might comply with the path out once more. After all he promised everlasting like to Ariadne, however shortly after having set sail from Crete, he deserted her on the island of Naxos, little question on command from the deity Dionysus who wished Ariadne for himself. Rank has its privileges! Dionysus duly carried her off to Olympus and made her an immortal and as a marriage reward gave her a golden crown. That crown was later positioned within the heavens because the Corona Borealis.

*Corvus, the Crow: The crow or raven is Apollo’s sacred hen. When Apollo despatched his raven to fetch some water within the god’s cup (Crater), the raven took his rattling candy time about it. To cowl for his laziness, and lateness, he blamed the water-snake (the Hydra) for making him tardy. Apollo nevertheless knew a fib when instructed one and noticed by the raven’s tall story. Since he noticed by the fraud and was not tricked Apollo slightly pissed that his sacred hen would lie, put the raven within the sky (Corvus) together with the water snake (the Hydra) and the cup (Crater). For an additional model of the destiny of the Hydra, see additionally Hydra. To additional punish the raven, Hydra the snake retains water from the eternally thirsty raven, but the raven at all times sees the water, simply out of attain.

*Crater, the Cup [see] Corvus, the Crow.

*Cygnus, the Swan: When the rash wannabe charioteer Phaethon (son of Helios) needed to be dispatched by Zeus for reckless driving, a relative, Kyknos, mourned so tremendously that the gods turned him right into a swan. When it was time to die, Kyknos-the-swan sang all the best way
to the heavens to turn into the constellation Cygnus, the Swan. As an apart, when you understand it is time to face the tip, you sing your ‘swan track’.

*Delphinus, the Dolphin: Poseidon, the god of the ocean, had the hots for the Nereid, Amphitrite. Being a shy form of lass, she made a beeline out to sea to flee (which appears to be an odd technique seeing how she’s fleeing from the god of the ocean). Be that as it could, Poseidon sends out all method of his marine creatures to seek out her. A dolphin does so and talks Amphitrite into reconsidering and so to make a protracted story brief, Poseidon and Amphitrite tie the knot. As a reward, Poseidon immortalises dolphins by casting one into the heavens to turn into the constellation Delphinus.

*Draco, the Dragon: Hercules was tasked along with his eleventh labour to fetch the golden apples from the backyard of Hesperides. The tree that bore the apples was effectively guarded by a large serpent referred to as Ladon. So, in fact, Hercules, no less than in some retellings, needed to slay the serpent earlier than nicking off with the fruit. The late and nice Ladon was immortalized because the constellation Draco, positioned subsequent to the constellation of Hercules himself, membership raised and poised to strike. Oh, as soon as Hercules handed over the apples, they had been returned to him; he devoted them to the goddess Athena who returned them to their rightful place. Golden apples are far too highly effective to be entrusted to the retaining of mere mortals. See additionally Hercules.

*Eosphoros [see] Venus.

*Eridanus [see] Auriga, the Charioteer.

*Equuleus, the Pony: In Greek mythology, Pegasus, the winged horse, had both a brother or son, the foal Celeris (that means “swiftness” or “velocity”). Celeris was given to Castor (one of many two Gemini twins) by Hermes (Mercury to the Romans). One other model has Equuleus because the horse struck from Poseidon’s trident throughout a pissing contest between him and the goddess Athena when contesting who can be the superior patron of Athens (that title offers away who gained). As a result of Equuleus’s part of stars rises earlier than the constellation of Pegasus, it’s usually referred to as Equus Primus, or the First Horse. See additionally Pegasus.

*Ganymede [see] Aquarius, the Water-Provider.

*Gemini, the Twins: The Dioscuri, the “Sons of Zeus” or the “Heavenly Twins” are higher often called Castor and Polydeuces (who’s even higher often called Pollux). Regardless of the “Sons of Zeus” tag, Pollux was the son of Zeus and Leda, and Castor the son of Leda and her husband, the King of Sparta. Nevertheless they had been twins, and brothers to Helen (of Troy), daughter of Zeus and Leda. When Castor was fatally wounded, Pollux requested Zeus to let him die alongside his beloved brother. They had been ultimately positioned among the many stars because the constellation we all know as Gemini.

*Hercules was lastly undone by an act of deception. His spouse with out figuring out the true info of the matter had Hercules placed on a poisoned gown, which was akin to him bathing in a bath of acid. In agony, the demigod builds his personal funeral pyre and lays on it awaiting demise. A passing King of Malis, a former Argonaut, Poias, lights the pyre. An almighty thunderclap booms out because the pyre began burning as Zeus took Hercules as much as Olympus and made him an immortal god. Even his stepmother, Hera, lastly hand over her intense anger in direction of him and so they had been reconciled. To honour his son, Zeus arrange the celebs within the constellation now named for him. See additionally Draco, Hydra and Leo.

*Hesperus [see] Venus.

*Hyades (star cluster) [see] Pleiades.

*Hyas [see] Pleiades.

*Hydra, the Snake (or Water-Snake): After Hercules killed the Hydra (his second of twelve labours), the Hydra was positioned within the firmament by Athena because the constellation Hydra, the Snake (or Water-Snake). See additionally Corvus, the Crow and Hercules.

*Ladon [see] Draco, the Dragon.

*Leo, the Lion: The primary nice labour of Hercules was to slay the good Nemean Lion who was invulnerable to arrows and spears and swords, and many others. So, Hercules needed to choke the beast to demise. Hercules wore the pores and skin of the lion as a cloak, and Zeus, to honour his son’s completion of his first Mission: Unattainable activity was to put the lion within the sky as a memorial – the constellation Leo. See additionally Hercules.

*Lyra: Orpheus, son of one of many 9 Muses, was a extremely expert musician and singer who might allure the gods, mortals and beasts alike. Nevertheless, when Orpheus ultimately got here to a sticky finish, Zeus immortalized his music by inserting his lyre among the many stars because the constellation Lyra. Orpheus himself went to and stayed put in Hades, however that is really a contented ending, for he was without end reunited along with his spouse Eurydice, who he earlier, when alive, tried to rescue from the underworld, however failed to take action.

*Orpheus [see] Lyra.

*Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer: Asclepius, the son of Apollo and a mortal lady, turned out to be a particularly expert doctor. So expert was he than he really introduced a corpse again to life! This was frowned on by Zeus because it bought into deity solely talents, so Zeus smote him along with his thunderbolts (and the now alive corpse as effectively). Now this pisses off Apollo, so in flip he smites the Cyclopes, the makers of these deadly thunderbolts. Now this as you’d count on pisses off Zeus, so he forces Apollo into servitude to a mortal for one yr as punishment. Meantime, as Asclepius was depicted with a employees with a snake coiled round it, he was immortalised because the everlasting image within the heavens, the constellation Ophiuchus, the Serpent Holder (or Bearer). See additionally Sagitta.

*Orion: Orion, the mighty hunter, lusted after the Pleiades (the seven sisters) and their mum, so Zeus put the lot of them within the heavens thus out of Orion’s and harms method. Orion lastly met his doom by boasting as soon as too usually about looking and killing the wildlife, and so his was stung to demise by a large scorpion by orders of the earth goddess Gaia. On behalf of a number of of the gods or goddesses (Artemis and Leto) Zeus positioned Orion too within the heavens, behind and without end chasing after these Pleiades sisters. The scorpion, for companies rendered was additionally locations within the heavens because the constellation Scorpio, nonetheless in pursuit of Orion! As an almighty hunter, Orion was accompanied by a looking canine, the constellation Canis Main which incorporates the good Canine Star, Sirius.

*Pegasus: Pegasus, the winged horse was the offspring of the god of the ocean, Poseidon (usually recognized with all issues equine) and the gorgon Medusa, born when Perseus sliced off Medusa’s head. Pegasus was caught and tamed by Bellerophon, the 2 of which made a great crew when Belleraphon slew the Chimera from the air and out of harms method. However, he grew to become unstuck when he tried to make use of his aerial transport and fly Pegasus to Olympus uninvited. Zeus, livid on the presumption that Bellerophon might simply waltz into the abode of the gods any outdated time, despatched an insect to sting Pegasus, inflicting the winged horse to throw off its rider, Bellerophon, who, with out advantage of a parachute ultimately went splat. Although Bellerophon survived the crash, he was crippled for all times. Zeus then utilized Pegasus to attract his chariot crammed along with his thunderbolts, and as a ultimate reward, positioned Pegasus among the many stars. See additionally Equuleus, the Pony.

*Perseus, who killed the gorgon Medusa, additionally rescued the beautiful Andromeda from a sea monster, Cetus. Perseus and Andromeda in fact married and had a son, Perses, however Parses was entrusted to and raised by King Cepheus (father of Andromeda) who wanted a male inheritor to his throne (in Ethiopia). Now Kin
g Cepheus was married to the useless Cassiopeia (mom of Andromeda) who bragged she was higher trying than the ocean nymphs, the Nereids. The Nereids complained to their boss, Poseidon, the god of the ocean who spat the dummy and demanded that her youngster, Andromeda in fact, be sacrificed to Cetus, the ocean monster, as retribution. That is when Perseus occurred by. All 5, after they died their pure deaths, had been positioned among the many stars because the constellations named after them. However Cassiopeia was positioned the other way up within the heavens to show her some humility.

*Phaethon [see] Auriga, the Charioteer.

*Phosphorus [see] Venus.

*Pleiades (star cluster): The Pleiades, seven sisters all, had been born of the Titan god Atlas and the Oceanid, Pleione. Previous to that Titan mated through the Oceanid Aithra producing a son, Hyas and his sisters, the Hyades. Thus the Pleiades had been half-sisters to Hyas and the Hyades. Now sooner or later Hyas was out looking and was killed within the course of by his prey, in all probability a boar. His sisters, the Hyades, died in flip from grief suffered by the lack of their beloved brother. In a triple-hankie story, their half-sisters, the Pleiades, additionally died, every person, out of grief. Zeus, out of sympathy, immortalised the lot of them. Hyas and the Hyades because the star cluster Hyades; shut within the sky to that of the Pleiades star cluster. The choice model is that the hunter Orion had the hots for the seven sisters so Zeus intervened and transferred them to the sky the place Orion could not trouble them. After all afterward, Orion too will get positioned among the many stars within the sky and to at the present time endlessly chases after the Pleiades. See additionally Orion.

*Pollux [see] Gemini.

*Sagitta, the Arrow: In historic Greece, Sagitta was thought to be the weapon that Hercules used to kill the eagle (Aquila), an eagle that Zeus employed that perpetually gnawed at Prometheus’s liver. That was punishment for Prometheus’s ‘reward of fireside’ to mankind, in defiance of Zeus’s directions on the contrary. One other model believes the Arrow to be the one shot by Hercules in direction of the Stymphalian birds, his sixth labour. These winged creatures had claws, beaks and wings of iron, and so they lived on human flesh. Hercules removed the lot of them. Yet one more model claimed it because the arrow with which Apollo exterminated the unique trio of Cyclopes as a result of the Cyclopes solid the thunderbolts for Zeus which Zeus used to kill Apollo’s son, Asclepius. See additionally Ophiuchus.

*Sagittarius: Whereas endeavor his fourth labour, Hercules unintentionally hit the centaur Chiron with considered one of his arrows that had been tipped with poison from the Hydra he killed earlier. As a result of the centaur was immortal and could not die, he was doomed to be without end in agony. Zeus relieved him of his immortality, permitting Chiron to cross away, however Zeus in a single method restored Chiron’s immortality when he positioned the centaur within the sky because the constellation Sagittarius. See additionally Centaurus.

*Scorpio [see] Orion.

*Sirius [see] Orion.

*Taurus, the Bull: When the king of the gods, Zeus, had his depraved method with Europa, he did so by shape-shifting into the type of a bull and carried Europa throughout the ocean to Crete in that kind, the place they ‘did it’ (presumably Zeus shape-shifted again to human kind earlier than they ‘did it’). Since that point Crete (often called the Minoan tradition or civilization) has had a protracted affiliation with bulls or a bull-cult, like the game of bull-jumping (grabbing the horns and somersaulting onto the again of the animal) and internet hosting half-a-bull as within the Minotaur. As a result of the bull-form suited Zeus so effectively, he immortalized the animal because the constellation Taurus.

*Ursa Main, the Nice Bear: Callisto was the daughter of the King of Arcady, and he or she had the misfortune to have Zeus fall for her. Callisto was related to the virgin goddess Artemis. When Zeus raped Callisto, she bought in a household method (in mythology, each rape ends in a being pregnant in any other case there isn’t any level to the rape within the first place). This rape finally produces a son, Arcas. Artemis, being the virgin, was furious and banished Callisto from any additional affiliation together with her. Hera (Mrs. Zeus) within the meantime assumed Callisto was a keen associate to her wayward hubby and in revenge turned Callisto right into a bear. Years later, Arcas, out looking, ran throughout that bear and never realizing that it was mother, shot her lifeless. Zeus then positioned Callisto into the zodiac as Ursa Main, the Nice Bear (or the Huge Dipper); Arcas finally bought his place within the heavens too because the Little Bear (or the Little Dipper).

*Ursa Minor [see] Ursa Main

*Venus: Eos (Daybreak) or to the Romans Aurora, born to Astraios the entire stars within the sky, of which two had been most notable: Phosphorus (or Eosphorus), the Morning Star, and Hesperus, the Night Star. In actuality, each ‘stars’ are one and the identical ‘star’ and never stars in any respect however the planet Venus.

*Virgo [see] Bootes.

It is a pity all that got here to an finish. When you had been dwelling method again then, maybe you too might need been immortalised as a star, a star cluster or maybe even as a constellation to be recorded for posterity, seen and talked about by thousands and thousands for generations upon generations to come back.


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