Jan 31, 2020
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The Tenacity of Hope: A Sex Workshop For Massai Women

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Whereas each Quodoushka religious sexuality workshop I’ve taught has been a remarkably therapeutic expertise, as soon as each twenty years or so, one thing really extraordinary occurs…

I will begin by explaining how two Massai ladies from a rural village in Kenya managed to attend a Quodoushka sexuality workshop in Phoenix Arizona. In 2007, Annetta Luce, a buddy I met throughout an Australian “Q,” volunteered to go to Africa to work and dwell with a neighborhood household. After returning to the U.S., she was later contacted by Jane, a girl from the identical Kenyan village who was now in Philadelphia, looking for asylum to stay within the USA.

Jane is the mom of three youngsters, together with a 12-year previous daughter, Esther. Like all ladies within the Massai tribe, Jane was “lower” as a toddler, close to the identical age as her personal daughter and shortly thereafter pledged by her father into an organized marriage.

I have to admit, I had heard in regards to the “lower,” a primitive type of feminine genital mutilation. I learn that it’s performed by ladies who, to today, bodily maintain down the younger women, lower off their clitorises with a knife after which pour cow’s urine over the open wound. Sure, I knew of this gory madness, but it surely appeared like one more God-awful, far-away, unsolvable downside – that’s, till Jane got here into my lounge.

I used to be instantly keen about the grace of her quiet, but formidable willpower to stop her daughter from struggling an analogous destiny. I used to be floored by her audacity to face up in opposition to tribal elders, to insurgent in opposition to the bondage and beatings, to earn the cash, to beat something that may dare stand in the way in which of her love for her daughter…and her intelligence. You see, based on Massai customized, if the mom is alive, however not bodily within the village, the elders could not carry out the “lower.” By looking for asylum right here, refusing to return to Kenya, she forestalls the method.

As I share the small print of Jane’s story, I have to clarify that I’ve had however a quick glimpse of a posh scenario and I make no claims to grasp the nuances of Massai customs or tradition. It wasn’t my thought for Jane to return to a Quodoushka – it was her thought. She instructed the story of her daughter at our Tigress Moon Girl’s Group heard in regards to the Q and promptly determined she would attend with Agnes, a Massai buddy residing within the US who additionally managed to flee after being overwhelmed for refusing as a woman, to marry a sixty 12 months previous man.

Sadly, their tales aren’t distinctive and escapes are uncommon.

Jane and Agnes Attend the Quodoushka Workshop

There are occasions as a instructor if you find yourself undecided who’s educating who.

All of us inevitably fell in love with Jane and Agnes. Progressively, with out pomp or proclamation in entrance of the group, throughout shy private conversations with every of them, we realized the cultural tsunami that was occurring in our midst.

First, they inform me that if I had been seen carrying what I wore on the Q of their Massai village I might be speared. (Hey, it was only a pair of purple chaps…)

As we start, I ask Jane, “Are you nervous?”

She replies with a lifeless pan, flat, “No.”

Heck, I believe to myself, everybody else is nervous beginning a intercourse workshop so I ask, “Jane, why aren’t you aren’t nervous?”

With the identical calm she replies, “I have no idea what is going to occur.” I’m rapidly reminded of my suburban upbringing… With what this girl has endured, a intercourse workshop? Piece of cake.

This isn’t to say that there wasn’t a relentless stream of nuclear revelations happening for each of them behind the scenes.

Each Jane and Agnes had been dutifully skilled into absolute modesty of costume. No legs exhibiting, by no means any knees. Uncovered shoulders? Trigger for arrest. To witness Jane and Agnes dancing sweetly, but overtly in a roomful of individuals dressed within the sheer, feather garnished silky robes they borrowed from Annetta, was a personal spectacle as nice as Niagara Falls pouring into the Nice Lakes. By mid-workshop, Jane and Agnes had been slipping into female finery, the likes of which they’d by no means, by no means imagined having fun with. Agnes, a twenty-eight 12 months previous girl, had by no means seen a unadorned man in her life, not to mention a white man.

It was solely after the workshop, whereas speaking to Agnes, that I started to extra totally comprehend the enormity of sexual training that was fully lacking for them. As soon as once more, Agnes grew to become my instructor:

“It’s as a result of the ladies and men don’t know of easy methods to give one another pleasure,” she explains. “What occurs in my nation: the boys can go and get as many wives as they need, so long as they’ve a cow to offer, they’ll get one other spouse. A person is with a girl, she doesn’t know something about what he wants, and she or he doesn’t even have the thought to offer him pleasure. The person has no thought of pleasing a girl. It’s not that we’re ignorant. We have no idea. We have no idea about pleasure and intercourse. It is vitally complicated. A lady provides start to youngsters. She’s going to love her youngsters, however she doesn’t love the daddy. As a result of the person is aware of no pleasure, he goes and will get one other spouse, after which one other, after which one other. He’ll discover perhaps 6 wives. Ultimately one will return with AIDS, after which the household dies. It’s all as a result of nobody is aware of any pleasure.”

“Clearly, the boys aren’t proud of this example?” I ask.

“In fact not,” she says. “Nobody is pleased; nobody feels any pleasure in any respect. Individuals come to our village with the identical packages. They speak about AIDS. They speak about condoms. They do the identical issues again and again however what’s going on doesn’t change. Nobody, nobody ever talks about what we’re studying right here. Nobody talks in regards to the pleasure or the wonder intercourse is meant to be.”

“Do you imply that you’ve by no means discovered to offer pleasure to a person?” I ask.

“It by no means occurred to me that you might do this.”

“Do you pleasure your self?” I ask, additional astounded.

“No,” she and Jane giggle to one another. “It would not happen to us to try this.”

“You understand, on this we’re a lot the identical,” I say. “Ladies and men hardly ever get an training from anybody about easy methods to be with one another. They aren’t taught easy methods to respect, hearken to, or talk about their sexual wants and wishes. Even with our so-called freedom right here, nonetheless individuals struggle, get divorces and can’t get alongside sexually as a result of they haven’t discovered easy methods to talk about their most intimate, pure sexual emotions.”

Agnes nods, “Sure. On this we’re sisters. Our lives are very totally different, however the ache is similar ache. I see ladies right here on this workshop really feel unhappy as a result of they don’t perceive what their males want, and I see males who’re confused about easy methods to be with their ladies. However they’re attempting to study, and that is the distinction.”

Feminine Genital Mutilation: The Reduce

Previously, every time I heard tales about slicing off clits, a deep cringe would sink into my very own pussy. My complete decrease physique would wobble in disbelief because the outrage would elevate to my mind and tears would swell in my coronary heart. So, when Jane after which Agnes wished to know what kind of sexual anatomy they had been, we privately went right into a room to take a look.

They had been so daring – they wished to know!

We joyfully wished to see, to share a second of supreme sisterhood, to behold and witness every others’ most sacred place. There is just one phrase I can use to explain gazing on the opening of their delicate flowers:


“Stunning” is the phrase that stored cascading from my lips. After which “Wow. We’re all so stunning.”

In fact, I used to be undecided what I might see, however in that prompt all my condensed presumptions collapsed. Whereas their clitorises had been certainly gone, changed with easy, healed pores and skin, the whole lot else was solely intact. It jogged my memory of seeing a circumcised man. Whereas certainly one thing is endlessly gone, what stays is definitely stunning, useful. And nonetheless deserves and wishes as a lot pleasure as doable. Agnes, Jane and I later snicker collectively, “I believe individuals are so much like weeds. You may attempt to lower them down, pull them out from cracks within the sidewalks, however we’re hardy and we’re going to develop some how. Our sexual vitality is like this too, resilient.

Can You Really feel Pleasure?

We continued our lady discuss as we began to get to the issues I actually wished to know.

“Do you continue to really feel pleasure?” I ask, fascinated to grasp how these ladies actually felt. Demurely trying to the bottom Jane softly, but assuredly says, “Sure.”

All of us smiled for a second, however then there was an instinctive trying round as if to verify nobody was listening. For them, speaking about what I’m about to say subsequent is completely taboo. Apparently, an ocean or two doesn’t cease YouTube and the Web from attending to even the remotest village. Something that pertains to Massai individuals is keenly watched by their family and friends. Nonetheless, Jane is decided to proceed, “We do discuss to one another about our lovers.”

If I’ll ask, “How can you really feel pleasure?”

“Deep and lengthy penetration. It is vitally good.” She grins large like each girl I do know does when she remembers one thing good. I used to be pleased to listen to that the urgency of her sexual want was so robust it couldn’t be stopped and that in some way many ladies discover a technique to really feel good it doesn’t matter what bodily or psychological abuse they need to endure. Nonetheless,there was one thing manifestly lacking within the equation. I had already heard that intercourse with the husbands was fast and soiled, dry and boring.

“No, it isn’t good,” says Jane, nonetheless a mom having conceived and given start to a few youngsters. So the place then does this deep and lengthy penetration come from? I ponder.There was no means it was coming from husbands.

Now right here, I have to stay considerably obscure and chorus from revealing particulars in an effort to shield their buddies who stay in Africa from being punished. Thus, I have to go away to your creativeness how each ladies and men discover a means really feel sexual love. Each ladies and men are compelled into marriages. They know effectively that the place there’s drive, there is no such thing as a loving intercourse. It’s mentioned that almost all the ladies discover lovers! They do not importthese males from different villages. It’s those self same males with organized wives who additionally grow to be lovers to different ladies within the village. How’s that for an affidavit of the human spirit and an indication that the arc of the universe bends in the direction of justice?

The African Spirit

Westerners typically consider African individuals as having innate sexual energy, of getting an nearly mystical prowess. But take a look at how this energy can fall. Love, intercourse and these everlasting dramas, these highly effective and alluring cosmic forces flip and switch once more. It’s when these powers arc in the direction of fact and justice, when after a lifetime of suppression, oppression and violence, Jane and Agnes refuse to hate, and thus discover their exceptional capability to like.

Just a few days after the Quodoushka workshop I ask Agnes, “Are there are some males who refuse to observe the Massai traditions?”

“Sure,” she says. “There are a couple of, however males who refuse are additionally outcast. If a girl refuses she has nowhere to go, she has no cash, no meals, she has nothing, and nobody will help her. But it surely does nothing to hate our elders. I can see this clearly now. I perceive the way in which to vary is with understanding and training. We can not hate our males. We now have to discover a technique to love them. If we have no idea easy methods to love our selves or easy methods to love one another sexually, nothing will change. Solely the identical will occur.”

Then, with an ideal smile and a fierce benevolence Shinning in her eyes, she says, “Hope.”

“There may be one factor I have to say… I really feel responsible having had all this for myself.Studying a lot myself, about sexuality. I can not preserve it only for me. I have to return, to share this with my individuals. Maybe, you’ll come to Africa in the future?”

My hope is that the seeds being planted in each Agnes and Jane will bear fruit; that Jane’s daughter will dwell along with her magnificence totally intact; and that Agnes realizes her dream of turning into a gynecologist. (She is at the moment enrolled in nursing faculty, due to political asylum granted her by the U.S. authorities.)*

In case you are touched by their braveness and willpower to like, and also you wish to instantly help Jane in masking the expense to carry her household right here, (she doesn’t want to cut up her household) otherwise you would to assist Agnes proceed her research, please contribute to a particular PayPal fund we now have arrange for them.

* Since this text was first revealed, Jane and her household have acquired asylum within the from the Us Authorities and are ready to return right here. Agnes is finding out to grow to be a nurse.Any donations shall be given to Agnes for her bills, or to Jane in an effort to cowl prices for her youngsters to return to the US.

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