Three Reasons to Send Your Child to a Christian School

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  • February 11, 2020
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There are an unbelievable quantity of advantages of sending your baby to a Christian college. Whereas a few of the usually quoted, adverse statistics about authorities faculties must be sufficient, I’ve determined to put out three major advantages for individuals who should still want convincing. These three advantages are as follows.

One good thing about a Christian college is that your baby is raised amongst fellow believers. Because the outdated adage goes, “dangerous firm corrupts good character.” By sending your youngsters to a Christian college, you’re more likely to see that your kid’s buddies are the a few of the finest folks that your baby could possibly be round. In the event you’re baby grows up round different believing youngsters, it’s far much less doubtless that your baby will probably be concerned in medicine, intercourse, underage ingesting, or different adverse actions.

One other good thing about a Christian schooling is the schooling itself. It’s very true of Classical Christian faculties that there schooling is usually occasions a lot better than the federal government faculties within the space. The scholars of a majority of these faculties have a tendency to attain larger on standardized checks and are usually extra ready for school as effectively!

A last good thing about Christian faculties is that by sending your baby to 1, you assist be sure that your baby will stay a Christian. With Barna Group statistics saying that 70% of youngsters who go to church will depart the religion after they depart residence, it’s the Christian obligation of any Christian mother or father to not add to this adverse statistic! Chances are high undoubtedly higher when sending your baby to a college that teaches the Bible by means of and thru.

As Proberbs 22:6 says, “Prepare up a toddler in the best way he ought to go, even when he’s outdated he is not going to depart from it.” Coaching up a toddler in the best way he ought to is finally the duty of the dad and mom of the kid. And this coaching should go far past Sunday college and youth group! Sending our youngsters to obtain Christian educations is one technique to fulfill our duty to the decision of God for our youngsters.


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