Using Navicat to Extend PowerSchool

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  • October 17, 2019
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Usually occasions, you want a report on your administrator and there’s not a report made in PowerSchool so that you can print. In fact, your boss wants the report in 15 minutes so what are you able to do? A product named "Navicat" is made to have the ability to entry your Oracle database and you’ll create a report rapidly and simply with out a number of information of SQL.

Navicat is reporting device that means that you can create a connection to the PowerSchool Oracle database which can permit you entry to all the PowerSchool tables within the PS schema. At that time you’ll be able to go to the report module to construct a report. Navicat additionally has an elaborate question device that might be used to construct queries that you may incorporate right into a customized web page that you’re constructing for PowerSchool.

Navicat additionally has the power to create a pivot desk report. In a future article, I’ll describe the steps wanted to create a grade distribution report utilizing a pivot desk. On this report, I used to be in a position to exclude my homeroom / seminar course that principal didn’t need included within the depend. Please examine my weblog for postings of the grade distribution report.

The usage of third social gathering instruments to increase PS have been in apply about so long as PS has existed. With the event of ReportWorks, there’s going to be a day that we’ll not want to make use of these instruments, however it’s not that method at the moment.


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