Virus of the Mind

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  • February 15, 2020
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virus of mind


A message implanted within the mind is completed in such a manner that individuals genuinely imagine that it’s their unique thought or will. The mind may be stimulated by many exterior media, resembling ads to buy items.

Mind virus can have an effect on the way in which we dwell and even induce suicide. Non secular beliefs are rigorously chosen mind viruses.

All through historical past individuals have dedicated atrocities within the title of their God.

Sturdy and weak individuals contaminated by the mind virus will react utterly in another way. Mind virus might use threats, concern, pleasure and different senses and wishes as a way to obtain and act upon the chosen goal.

Anti-brain-virus (ABV) is the non-public potential to disregard and overcome implanted viruses. Section I – implant, Section II – evolve, Section III – act.

ABV will go into motion after it acknowledges {that a} message on which we’re about to behave is a virus.The defence mechanisms towards thoughts viruses can help us in altering or eliminating these ideas that are imposed upon us by the implanted viruses.

Sure recollections fade sooner than others, probably relying on our want or willingness to recollect or overlook.

In early experiments on rats, scientists discovered a sure enzyme which brought on reminiscence to fade extra quickly than normal. This discovering suggests the opportunity of selectively erasing sure undesired recollections. Does it work the opposite manner, too? Can we enhance or improve our reminiscence?

Future analysis may result in genetically engineered mind virus, which can allow such reminiscence enhancement.

A spin-off of mind virus is brainwashing, which originated through the Korean Battle within the 1950s.

Brainwashing is outlined as the appliance of sure methods, normally coercive, to govern or change an individual’s beliefs, values, perceptions and judgments. Subsequently, it impacts the behaviours of that individual.

The aim of brainwashing is normally to alter somebody’s political, private, or non secular opinions and beliefs.

The Chinese language used brainwashing methodologies below the Maoist regime. Their goal was to rework people with a reactionary imperialist perspective into ‘right-thinking’ members of the brand new Chinese language social system.

It was largely performed in two phases. First, the individual’s psychic integrity was damaged down by dehumanization, after which after they have been ‘clear’ they might undergo sure rites.

Cults generally use brainwashing methods to recruit members into their group. The 1960s to the 1970s was a decade when thoughts management theories have been utilized by non secular actions, particularly within the USA.

The success of many a totalitarian regime may be defined by way of brainwashing and mind-controlling methods.

Brainwashing or thoughts management theories are researched from neuroscience and social psychology views. The activation of brainwashing may be performed by manipulating the prefrontal cortex of the mind.

Mission MKULTRA was the code title for a covert, unlawful CIA human analysis programme run by the CIA’s Workplace of Scientific Intelligence through the 1950s and 1960s.

This undertaking used scientific, medical and psychological methodologies to govern people’ psychological states and alter their mind features.

Numerous and sophisticated mixtures of chemical substances, medication, hypnosis, isolation and sexual abuse have been used.

A brief abstract from the New York Instances (August 2nd, 1977) is given beneath:

The C.I.A. leaders have been sure the Communists had launched into a marketing campaign to manage males’s minds and so they have been decided to discover a protection, setting out in earnest the subsequent year-1950-with Mission Bluebird, which advanced into Mission Artichoke, then turned MK-ULTRA, MK-DELTA.

They needed to have the ability to interrogate enemy espionage brokers in such a manner that neither the brokers nor their superiors would know that they had been compromised, and so they needed to have the ability to wipe clear the recollections of their very own brokers after sure missions and, particularly, after they have been going into retirement.

The evolution of human communication – people can not exist with out speaking with one another for numerous functions.

Completely different types of communication are required for on a regular basis life, leisure and plenty of different areas.

Communication may be verbal, telepathic, musical, use indicators or SMS, digital and different non-electronic means, and use visible and audio alerts.

Within the prehistoric period, fireplace, smoke alerts, beacons, drums and horns have been used.

The mail was launched in regards to the sixth century BC and pigeons have been used to ship publish from the fifth century BC.

Semaphore, which is a system for speaking via visible alerts, utilizing towers with blades, was launched within the fourth century BC and the heliograph, which is a wi-fi photo voltaic telegraph that makes use of alerts based mostly on Morse code and mirrors reflecting flashes of daylight, was used from 490 BC.

The maritime flag system was launched in regards to the fifteenth century and sign lamps have been used from the nineteenth century, primarily by the navy utilizing Morse code.

{The electrical} telegraph was in use from 1836 and the phone, photophone (radio-phone) and the radio have been invented in between 1876 and 1896.

The tv has been in use because the late 1920s, the videophone from the 1930s, telecommunication utilizing fibre optics since 1964 and laptop networking since 1969.

Mobile cell phones got here onto the market in 1981 adopted by e mail and the Web, and satellite tv for pc telephones have been in use since 1998.

What subsequent?

It’s believed that, because the know-how improves, these communication units might change into a part of our physique, moderately than an adjunct which we stock or put on.

We may change into wired organisms and meet one another in a brand new medium in our on-line world.


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