Why Horoscope Matching for Marriage?

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  • February 11, 2020
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The Horoscope matching is a vital course of earlier than a boy marries a lady. Via horoscope matching, the transition of their particular person life right into a household life (often known as Grahastha Jeevan in India) is studied. As of late this course of is extra essential because the human nature is being extra unpredictable and the marriages are breaking greater than the sooner time. With the ever altering setting and the habits of the society the success fee of the marriages has dramatically diminished. The examine of the horoscopes not solely will increase the possibilities of the success of the marriages but additionally avoids the incompatibility points by letting us know if the 2 are suitable or not.

There are Eight checks in whole whereas matching the horoscopes of the boy and the woman who’re marrying. Every of those checks generate scores that tells us what’s the compatibility between the 2 for that exact parameter. The utmost of the overall rating is 36 for all of the checks which were made on the 2 horoscopes. If the overall rating is lower than 18 for the boy and the woman, the wedding is just not thought of appropriate.

The Eight checks are for the checking the compatibility are as beneath:

1) Varna check or the Psychological Compatibility test-

This check tells us the compatibilities of the abilities and the skills of the 2 individuals entering into the relation. The utmost rating for this check is 1 which says the boy and the woman are suitable. This check has categorised personalities within the following components:

a) Brahmin – these are thought of the philosophers.

b) warrior – these are thought of the leaders and the rulers of the society.

c) vaishya – these are thought of because the enterprise class individuals who carry out the financial features.

d) Shudra – these are thought of to be the labors or the individuals who work arduous which displays that they’re makers of the society.

2) Vasya check or the facility compatibility test-

On this check the utmost rating that may be achieved is 2. This check is taken for the understanding which of the 2 can be the dominating within the married life? Once more the human beings are categorized in 5 classes right here. These are

a) Manav – Generally known as People who’ve their very own view and particular person id.

b) Vanchar – Generally known as the animal or the jungle creatures which might be thought of increased within the environmental meals chain like tigers.

c) Chatushpada – Generally known as the much less highly effective creatures who’re additionally decrease within the meals chain, like sheep.

d) Jalchar – These are the creature of the water and once more they’ve their very own house and affect round them.

e) Keet – These are sometimes the bottom within the meals chain and are essential a part of the stability within the nature’s ecosystem.

The match amongst them is a very powerful as the results of this check tells us if the 2 can survive collectively?

3) Tara check or the Delivery star test-

Permitting the utmost of the rating 3, this check helps in making most of the marriages profitable. The eight values for the celebs are Janama, Sampat, Vipata, Kshema, Pratyari, Sadhaka, Vadha, Mitra and Ati-mitra. These inform us the friendship between the 2 stars of the boy and the woman and tells us if they might pleasant habits with one another.

4) Yoni check –

This check generates the rating for the sexual compatibility of the boy and the woman. The utmost rating that may be achieved is Four and this rating symbolizes the organic compatibility, love and mutual understanding stage. There are 14 totally different animal traits that classify a human being, these are:

Ashwa (Horse), Gaja (Elephant), Mesha (Ram), Sarpa (Serpent), Swan (Canine), Marjarah (Tom/Cat),

Mushika (Rat), Gau (Cow), Mahisha (Buffalo), Vyagrah(Tiger), Mriga (Deer), Vanara(Monkey), Nakula (Mongoose), and Singha (Lion)

5) Grah Maitri test-

This check has the utmost worth of 5. This check is for calculating the friendship between the planets of the boy and the woman’s horoscopes. if this check rating extra, this is able to inform us that two individuals would have a cheerful married life. There are 7 planets which might be thought of because the rulers of the horoscopes are as beneath: Surya, Chandra, Mangal, Budh, Guru, Shukra, Shani.

6) Gana test-

This check is often known as check of compatibility of the natures of the 2 horoscopes. The utmost worth of this check is 6. This check additionally classify the human being in three broad classes that are:

Maunshya, Devata, and the Rakshasa. If this check produces increased worth, the opportunity of the compatibility of the boy and the woman are very excessive. There are superb chanced that the wedding of the 2 would achieve success.

7) Bhakut check or the Zodiac moon indicators test-

With the utmost rating of seven, this check can be crucial. This check signifies the prosperity of the married couple and their household. There are twelve totally different moon indicators that are as beneath:

Mesh, Vrisha, Mithun, Kark,Singha, Kanya, Tula, Brischik, Dhanu, Makar, Kumbha, Meena.

8) Nadi check or the Life forces test-

This check generates the very best rating of Eight and is a very powerful a part of the horoscope matching. This check tells us the place does the facility of the individual reside? That is a very powerful check so far as the general compatibility and the expansion of the household is taken into account. This check is extra scientific and offers with the pulses and the nerves of the human beings. The life forces are categorised within the following classes:

a) Adi or Starting

b) Madhya or Center

c) Aanta or Finish

The life forces of the 2 human being needs to be on the totally different locations to make a great couple and develop their household.

By summing the rating from these Eight checks, one can simply perceive the general compatibility of the boy and the woman earlier than they get married. These checks actually improve the possibilities of a profitable married life. The rating beneath 18 reveals that there are much less possibilities of a profitable married life between the 2.


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