Oct 18, 2019
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Why the FELT Deficit Contributes to Wicked Problems

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The idea of the FELT Deficit was first launched within the e book Seven Ideas for Distinctive Efficiency (2019). ‘FELT’ describes the rational, logical ‘straight line’ considering present in professions that embrace Finance, Economics, Legislation and Know-how. ‘FELT Pondering’ operates inside an outlined knowledge set, however focuses on content material and infrequently misses inter-dependencies and wider context. ‘FELT Pondering’ is related to ‘skinny slicing’ info; to take issues out of context and misread key factors.

Associated Ideas

The FELT Deficit goes past Finance, Economics, Legislation and Know-how. It has wider relevance, significantly when professionals are working inside complicated programs. These are work conditions that embrace suggestions loops, non-linear relationships and reciprocal inter-dependencies. They expose the restrictions of conventional theories used to explain folks’s conduct and motivation. One function of FELT Pondering is an absence of anticipatory consciousness. Nevertheless, the issue is made worse by ‘skinny slicing’ info, which signifies that wider points are merely missed.

Private traits that contribute to the FELT Deficit embrace an absence of self-awareness and failure to understand the necessities and expectations of others. Nevertheless, in contrast to character traits, that are troublesome to alter, it’s argued in Seven Ideas for Distinctive Efficiency that FELT Pondering will be addressed by coaching and growth of the Enabling Situations that contribute to excellent outcomes. This means that the idea is finest considered as a mindset concern that’s attribute of people that deal with content material, however overlook the broader context.

FELT Pondering just isn’t easy the consequence of genetic make-up or character kind. While an absence of Cognitive Flexibility could also be linked to restricted IQ or particular points of ‘neural structure’, equally necessary are the consequences of tradition and training. As complexity will increase, conventional evaluation turns into more and more weak to the legislation of unintended penalties.

Wider Relevance of the FELT Deficit

Listening abilities could also be poorly developed, however different short-comings are additionally more likely to be evident. An absence of empathy and perception, coupled with rational, analytical intelligence, each contribute to a sample of FELT Pondering. It might replicate cognitive attributes linked to sure character traits. Nevertheless, the idea goes additional by suggesting that it’s consultant of a systemic weak spot, which is definitely strengthened by limitations in skilled coaching and organizational tradition.

Political programs can be undermined if rationality and beliefs will not be balanced by an appreciation of other views. The FELT Deficit signifies that the importance of complicated knowledge and future tendencies just isn’t correctly assessed. This sample of considering is subsequently characterised by what’s excluded or misplaced within the evaluation. It’s related to a failure to ask the suitable questions and admire standards associated to the broader context. Purposeful Conversations are recognized as a method of resolving the issue.

The FELT Deficit is considered as endemic in lots of organizations and contributes to dysfunctional conduct, significantly when it undermines moral requirements and finest observe. Overcoming the FELT Deficit is especially necessary in addressing depraved issues linked to complicated, multi-faceted points that defy easy logical options.

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